Sixty-seven shot in NYC over weekend

Yesterday it was reported that 39 persons had been shot in New York City between Saturday and Monday morning. The total casualty figures for the Labor Day weekend are now up to 67 shot, ten killed. Much of the violence was in the vicinity of the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn, as well as in other black neighborhoods.

As Obama’s presidency seemingly implodes, it seems that his two most solid bases of support, labor and blacks, are going berserk, with labor leaders threatening to kill Republicans, and with blacks shooting and killing each other in record numbers.

Now if Jews start shooting each other in the streets of New York, we’ll really know that Obama’s in trouble.

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Paul K. writes:

The Jewish community was also going berserk over the weekend. There were 17 instances of Jews making extremely hurtful remarks to their mothers, including six cases in which the mothers were moved to tell them that they were “killing your father and me.” (The latter cases involved marrying Korean women and dropping out of law or medical school.)

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