The rise of the “Just Do It” conservatives?

A reader writes:

I’m listening to Michael Savage right now and he’s praising Abby Sunderland to the heavens. Not only that, he even has the audacity to praise her parents for letting her go. Plus, they aren’t suing the boat manufacturer, which alone makes them swell people in Savage’s world. Apparently people who think they shouldn’t have let her go are nanny staters. “This young lady is what America used to be about. This is true grit … I think she’s an American hero, this girl should be brought into the White House and given the Presidential Medal of Freedom … She’s a hero, this is beautiful…” According to Savage, the parents being white and still married means they’re real conservatives, and that’s why the left is attacking them. And if she hadn’t gone, she’d be home having sex with a sorority girl.

I’m speechless. I always liked Savage, but this isn’t the first time he’s been way out in left field. I’m not sure what to think of him now.

Jim C. writes:

I listened to that segment: Savage was being sarcastic—and it was obvious. He concluded the segment opining that her parents should be arrested for child abuse.

“A reader” misunderstood what he was hearing.

Randy B. writes:

My 18 year old daughter (she will turn 19 while abroad) is about to head to Europe for two weeks. This would not have been possible with her living under my roof, if not for several required events to have occurred. She is going there to spend two weeks with my eldest daughter who is an E4 in the USAF serving near London. She will be traveling from our home with the daughter of long time family friends, and for whom we paid for the travel. They plan to fly from London to Venice, take a train to Rome, return to Venice, fly to Dublin, and then back to London. The previous was stated for scale, and what I perceive to be travel concerns in an unstable Europe.

In spite of the precautions I have taken, both spoken of and not, I am still very concerned for the safety and security of all three. No matter what specific experience my daughters, or those who are loved as my children yet not of my loins, I would not give my blessings for such a quest as undertaken by this young girl. I also understand that my two “children” as described are now adults, and no longer specifically subject to my will; except with measure for the one who lives at home while enrolled in higher education.

The fact that Abby Sunderland has experienced failure brought on by bad weather, does not negate her responsibility to repay the time and services of those who have been a part of her recovery. If a sponsor wants to pick up that expense, that is their choice, but it should not be the burden of fishing boat crews, Australia rescue, et al. I personally believe this girl’s father has figuratively prostituted his daughter to bring attention to his boating business in CA. Care and concern for her safety have clearly taken a back seat to her revenue potential and notoriety for dear old dad.

June 15

A reader writes:

I only caught part of Savage’s commentary on Abby Sunderland and must have only heard the faux praise because soon after you posted that I read the other reader’s explanation that he was being sarcastic. In retrospect, some of what he said was too absurd to be sincere, but maybe I didn’t pay close enough attention at the time. Or else my sarcasm detector is broken. :-)

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