The decision not to help those in Benghazi must have come from Obama; and what this means

The argument is made briefly by William Kristol, and expanded on at Powerline .

The implications of this are almost too incredible to take in. Let’s try to sum it up:

  1. The president was aware in real time of an organized military assault on our consulate and the nearby CIA annex in Benghazi.

  2. As the assault was proceeding, the president rejected the urgent requests of the personnel under attack for military assistance that could have stopped the attack on the annex.

  3. Then, having refused to take action to stop the military assault, he concealed the very fact that this military assault had even occurred, claiming that it was only a spontaneous mob protest against an obscure anti-Islam video on the Web which had gotten out of hand, and, further, that the source of the problem was not organized jihadist enemies in the country we had “liberated,” but Islamophobia in the United States.

  4. He and his administration, in every conceivable venue, repeated this false claim for two weeks, only dropping it when the truth came out and the lie was no longer sustainable.

  5. A month later, he told a bald-faced Orwellian lie in the second presidential debate that he had not concealed the nature of the attack, because he had said the day after the attack that it was a “terrorist” attack. The moderator, in an unheard of step, interjected herself into the debate to back the president up in this bald-faced Orwellian lie; the rest of the media backed up the moderator and the president; and the media also continued to spout the administration line that the only reason there is any issue about the Benghazi attack is that the Republicans are seeking partisan advantage from it.

  6. The Republican presidential nominee at the third debate declined to discuss the issue at all, allowing the president to get away with his spectacularly dishonest and arguably treasonous behavior.

  7. Finally, the zombie-like American people, whose only concern is their personal lives and whose entire grasp of politics is that the Republicans are for the rich and the Democrats are for the little guy, are on the verge of re-electing this spectacularly lying and arguably treasonous president.

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