The Freedom Party’s platform

Below is a poster for the British Freedom Party. Last week the head of the Freedom Party, Paul Weston, was in New York City and gave a very successful talk. As soon as the video is available I will link it.



Robert B. writes:

You forgot a link so I can sign up. Better still, how excited would the Republican base be about a candidate who had a platform just like this? I believe it’s what they are waiting to hear.

LA replies:

The address is They have links for donations and membership on the main page.

LA writes:

Here are some recent media items on Paul Weston trip in North America.

He gave a radio interview in Nashville last week before flying to New York for his talk her on the 16th.

Here’s a story from the Toronto Sun from last Friday, February 17, about Mr. Weston’s then-upcoming talk at the Toronto Zionist Center on Monday February 20.

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