Britain + Blacks = Ben Kinsella dead


Ben Kinsella and the three demi-humans who took his life

First, a moment of silence for this murdered sixteen year old boy and his almost self-murdered country.

Second, what do I mean by the title of this entry? Do I mean that all blacks, or most blacks, or a large minority of blacks are killers? Of course not. Do I want white people to hate or even dislike blacks in general? Absolutely not. It nevertheless remains a simple fact that blacks, in every country in which they live, are almost an order of magnitude more violent than other races when it comes to such crimes as murder, rape, and armed robbery. To import a black population into a previously all-white country is to consign a large number of whites in that country, year after year, generation after generation, to violent death at the hands of blacks.

Here is the Mail’s story on the sentencing of the murderers of Ben Kinsella.

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Philip R. writes from England:

This is the most honest article (“Ben’s murder was not racist—just a matter of statistics,” London Times) I have seen about black crime in a mainstream newspaper. It is interesting to see the comments below, such as these:

Why not come out and admit it, The BNP are right and its high time the establishment admitted it for the sake of all us Britons before its too late to do anything about it.

Neil, London, UK

The UK’s multicultural experiment is increasingly exposed as a disaster for whom the only losers are the indigenous population who have so far behaved with tolerance. I am fed up with the cosy, corrupt, politicians skirting around the very serious issues that we have in our society.

Martin, London,

The Times they are a-changing!

LA replies:

The article is good, it’s obviously way outside the British “norm” in addressing the realities, but if there’s never been anything in the British mainstream press as factual about black crime as this fairly modest article, then things are even worse there than I thought. As I’ve said before, for all the sins and crimes of the neoconservatives, they have occasionally brought into the U.S. mainstream discussion elements of reality that are almost non-existent in the European mainstream. America has left-liberalism and right-liberalism. Europe has only left-liberalism.

Bill Carpenter writes:

The Kinsella article gave me the creepy impression that the reporter regards the murderers as unfortunate future victims of white racism. The article also provided the creepy impression of a society that has so lost its way that only the lowest forms of life, gangsters, are willing to vindicate the interests of society in putting down savage thugs. There’s no doubt about it—the death penalty is a necessity of a just order.

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