Autumn Pasquale’s Facebook exchange with the black teenager who murdered her

Ben S. writes:

The Thursday Newark Star-Ledger reports that 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale [see earlier entry on her murder] exchanged messages on the Facebook page of the younger of her two killers, 15-year-old special ed student Justin Robinson. Apparently in reference to a picture of a bike on his site, the exchange went like this:

Autumn Pasquale: “Is that ur bike?”

Justin Robinson: “Yeupp.”

Autumn: “Thts sexy!”

Justin: “lol thxx, … yes. cme 2 my house.”

So much damage in four “sentences.” I confess that at first I thought she was hitting on him; women can be coy, so why wouldn’t a girl call a bike sexy when she really meant the guy? Now I realize that “sexy” is probably fairly standard praise for inanimate objects in Internet lingo. But how do you expect a borderline retarded black male teenager to interpret the word “sexy” coming from a pretty 12-year-old white girl? Once she was over at his house and wouldn’t put out for him and the older brother who was there for the fun (I speculate), they panicked that she would tell on them, so they killed her.

Precociously sexed-up 12-year-old with cleavage, and
the 15-year-old primitive whose house she went to alone.

Obviously the victim’s actions were miles away from the prudence she would have been taught generations ago, but maybe she thought that the online record of her conversation ensured her safety. It didn’t, because her murderers were morons, and she couldn’t gauge that from their writing, because ridiculous writing is de rigueur among online youth!

LA replies:

And she had to know he was black, as they were conversing on his own Facebook page which presumably had photos of him.

Nothing in her environment, her family, her upbringing, her society, told this 12-year-old girl that it was imprudent to tell a black male teen-ager that his bike was “sexy” and to go alone to his home.

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