In 2008, Krugman showed that liberals hate conservatives

Here is an unposted draft from October 2008 about New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. I offer it as background to the current anti-conservative hate campaign. That campaign didn’t start in January 2011, even though some conservatives are only waking up to it now.

DRAFT, October 22, 2008

Krugman proves VFR’s point that white liberals hate white non-liberals and seek to dispossess them via nonwhite immigration

Yesterday, in the entry, “What liberals believe,” I wrote:

White liberals see white non-liberals as sub-human …. as the evil oppressive Untermenschen who are preventing true humanity from blossoming. For the perfect world that the liberals “Imagine” to come into existence, we must be done away with. Disempowering or marginalizing us is not enough, since … the more power liberals actually have over America and the further left they move, the more powerful and threatening they imagine conservatives to be, and the more right-wing and racist they imagine America to be.

James P. added:

[T]he liberals are blinded by their visceral hatred of white non-liberals. Elite liberals will never view Muslims or non-whites as threatening while there is even a single white non-liberal remaining as a focus for hatred. Indeed, liberals view Muslims and non-whites not as enemies, but as allies against non-liberal whites…. [T]herefore the liberals will keep bringing more Muslims and non-whites into the country until the non-liberal whites have been utterly crushed and demoralized politically. Liberals do not want a balance of power between the liberal camp and the non-liberal camp, they want the total destruction of the non-liberal camp.

And here comes the eminent economist Paul Krugman, writing in the New York Review of Books:

The GOP has … been able to win elections through identity politics—above all, by exploiting white racial resentment. But, I argued, identity politics were losing their effectiveness, because America has become more tolerant and, not to put too fine a point on it, less white. As a result, the era of conservative dominance was over.

It couldn’t be clearer, could it? The proof of the liberal hatred of (supposedly) non-liberal whites is that the GOP exploitation of white racial resentments is in reality non-existent. Thus the left has a bigoted hatred against the GOP, i.e., against non-liberal whites, for something the GOP has not done. And not only has the GOP not done it, but it does the exact opposite, suppressing the slightest notion that race matters in America, suppressing negative truths about nonwhites and nonwhite immigration, suppressing the fatally dangerous reality of Islam, all in an attempt to banish the slightest hint of white resentment of nonwhites and non-Westerners. Yet despite this strict anti-racism as practiced by the GOP and conservative whites, many on the left believe that the GOP deliberately stirs up white racial feelings. And this insane indictment of the GOP and whites is what justifies in Paul Krugman’s mind the transformation of America into a nonwhite country, since, given the prevalence of evil white racism, the only way to get rid of it is to disempower the racist whites by overwhelming them with nonwhites.

Thus the liberals hate white America, and are deliberately using mass nonwhite immigration to destroy it. The irony is that they fail to see that Bush and McCain have exactly the same motivation and agenda as the liberals.

[end of 2008 draft]

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