The strange reporting of the news that characterizes liberal society

Doug H. writes (March 16):

I know you like to report on the ridiculous ways our media reports stories, so I thought you would be interested in this tragic but bizarre news report my wife and I saw this morning.

As I was preparing for work this morning, my wife and I sat on the couch watching the early news WTVY out of Dothan, Alabama. The young blond news lady reported that a home invasion had taken place. An armed intruder entered a house, shot and killed a lady, then the lady’s husband shot and killed the intruder. The news reporter then made the all time winner for ludicrous statements, “Foul play is not suspected.” My wife and I looked at one another and just started laughed in disgust. The whole blasted situation was foul. Maybe someone was trying to make a point that the husband was not suspected of committing murder. Who knows?

LA replies:

Here’s my guess of why the news reader said that. In liberal society, it cannot be assumed that a homeowner who shot and killed an armed intruder who had just murdered the homeowner’s wife was acting in self-defense. Instead, the assumption is that the homeowner did something wrong—committed foul play. This assumption can only be rebutted by an explicit statement from the authorities that foul play is not suspected.

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