In liberal city, people are required by law to let themselves be beaten or killed rather than commit an act of racial discrimination

(Note: The Times article is from 1996. This doesn’t change its significance. 1996, 2008, it’s all one continuum in the liberal destruction of society.)

We’ve read about white people who delivered themselves into the clutches of a dangerous-looking black and were then murdered, because they didn’t want to appear “racist” by avoiding the black. That principle has now been incarnated and made mandatory under the laws of a major American city. In San Francisco, the New York Times tells us, pizza delivery men (the Times calls them “pizza deliverers,” the equivalent of “firefighters”) have been

threatened, robbed, assaulted and even killed in the line of duty.

Such incidents are why many restaurants and other businesses refuse to deliver to some parts of town. To these companies, it is just common sense. To the people who live in these areas, it is discrimination.

The Board of Supervisors here has agreed with residents and passed the first ordinance in the country making it illegal for businesses to single out parts of their normal service area for no deliveries.

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