Another white woman savagely killed as a result of Britain’s mass importation of blacks

Detective Constable Heather Cooper moved in with former detective Peter Foster and had two children with him. Last November, three months after the birth of their second child, when their older child was two (though how could Cooper be working as a police detective with two babies?), Foster erupted over some trivial argument, hit Cooper over the head ten times with a baseball bat (a baseball bat in Britain?), then stabbed her in the throat. The murder took place in front of their children. Calling Foster an “extremely dangerous individual,” the judge has sentenced him to life (whatever the heck that means in Britain).

Peter%20Foster.jpg Heather%20Cooper.jpg
Peter Foster and Heather Cooper

Before Britain began its mass immigration of blacks, Muslims, and other non-Westerners following the war, no Englishwomen were ever murdered by blacks or Muslims. Now it’s an occurrence almost as regular and predictable as the rising of the sun. And not a single soul in mainstream British society ever remarks on this remarkable development. And—no matter how many such murders occur—no one ever points out the hugely disproportionate danger white women put themselves in when they become involved with a black man. No one—not the media, not the police, not even their own parents—ever warns women against embarking on that oh-so-frequently fatal course. The truth is that no one cares—because, in liberal society, speaking negative truths about nonwhites is a crime far, far worse than murder.

James and Caroline Cooper at their daughter’s funeral. Mr. Cooper—
useless as all fathers in the liberal West are now useless—stood by
passively and non-judgmentally when his daughter shacked up with
a black man and bore his children. And now he’s left caring for his
race-mixed grandchildren, the children of his daughter’s killer.


Joseph E. writes:

“a baseball bat in Britain?”

There was a big run on American bats, both wooden and metal, after the riots last year.

Alexis Zarkov writes:

The problem of black violence against white wives and girlfriends goes beyond immigration. All too many white women lust for a “bad boy.” They find reliable, stable and safe men boring, so they seek the thrill of having something exotic—like a black guy, especially a foreign one. At one time women needed the approval, and in some cases the express permission, of their parents to marry. They wouldn’t dare bring home even a white “bad boy.” Today all that has changed. What parents want is irrelevant. At one time Jews had to marry Jews to keep their parents happy. Then as society changed, Jewish parents had to accept their children marrying Gentiles. Later they had to cope with blacks. Today many Jewish parents just hope for an opposite sex marriage. It would certainly help to eliminate non-white immigration, but alas that’s not the fundamental problem, which is the erosion of parental authority, and simply put: too much freedom to do what you want.

LA replies:

You should have just made your valid point about the “bad boy” problem, without also saying that immigration is “not the fundamental problem,” falsely implying that I am only blaming immigration and not the the “bad boy” problem, which, of course, I talk about all the time. I brought in immigration in this instance because, obviously, without immigration those black bad boys wouldn’t be in Britain in the first place.

Alexis Zarkov replies:

I think that some readers of this post won’t be familiar with your prior posts on the “bad boy” problem. I think it needs to get included almost as a kind of boiler plate to avoid people getting the impression that it’s all about immigration. Make no mistake about it. I would eliminate all Third World immigration into both the U.K. and the U.S. if I had the power. Girls would still go for bad boys, but white bad boys are not nearly so dangerous as the ones we import.

LA replies:

As I said in an August 2007 entry:

This is a problem with blogging. The blogger makes a point about society or politics. It is obviously not meant to be comprehensive. It’s just one angle on the total picture of things. But people will say, “You left out this!” and “You left out that!” But of course those things were left out. It’s a blog entry, not a book.

And I would add this: the demand that a blog entry cover all key aspects of a subject would make blogging impossible.

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