The top Darwin Award winner of all time, cont.

The discussion has continued, with the emphasis on the confrontational behavior of black pedestrians in traffic in the Bay Area in particular, and on black menacing conduct in general.

UPDATE, August 11, 1 a.m. The discussion continues between me and reader Jonah O. who says that VFR shows low animus toward blacks and portrays every black as a savage. I had asked him for quotes to back up his charge, and he doesn’t provide any. Also, he claims that he has some sympathy for my point of view on race, and is only concerned about excesses on my part. However, his kneejerk liberal accusation of me, that I say that all blacks are savages, makes that claim questionable. I believe that the bottom line with Jonah is that he regards any honest discussion of threatening black behaviors to be too cruel for publication. Because I’ve dealt with this kind of charge so often before, perhaps I shouldn’t have replied, as it involves inevitable repetitition. However, as another reader recently pointed out, some things cannot be repeated often enough.

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