“I miss the country I once knew.”

BLS writes:

I’m tired of being called a racist. I’m tired of being called a misogynist. I’m tired of being called a homophobe. I’m tired of being told I hate people.

What do I have to do to gain any respect in civil life? I love Christ. I love people. I love our Constitution. Why am I an enemy? What have people, who believe the ideas I believe, done to create this animosity against us? Why are we the enemy?

I cannot explain it. I don’t know what this Country is anymore. The people I know in regular life are good, Christian people. Even those who are not Christian are nice people. Yet, somehow, there is evil in this Country. I do not experience it personally, but I witness the consequences every day.

I am tired. I want to fight against these forces, but it seems even the “good guys” fold to their demands. I don’t understand it. I know Isaiah told us that “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness.” God has forewarned us about the evil of man. We should know better because we were warned. But we are still victims of an attack against all we know is good and proper.

I’m tired. How long can we fight? Will another generation supplant us and fight with more vigor? I want to fight. I want to be right with God. Yet, this Country is a continual discouragement. I don’t lose my faith in God, but I lose my faith in our Country. It is a somber feeling. I miss the Country I once knew. I want to have hope, but I see no signs to give me that comfort.

I’m tired, and I need encouragement. I suspect I am not alone.

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April 25

James N. writes:

“Why am I an enemy? What have people, who believe the ideas I believe, done to create this animosity against us? Why are we the enemy?”

You are the enemy because, as long as you, and your children, and your grandchildren live, the victory of the Revolution is not assured. Your question presupposes that your adversaries are playing the same game, by the same rules, that you are—and that if you can gain some understanding, and create some mutuality, that there can be peace. I might almost say about you, that “You have a dream.”

Your adversaries are cold, calculating, ruthless killers whose bloodlust is now restrained only by the possibility (OK, the probability) that what TASS always referred to as the “correlation of forces” is, still, against them. But they are straining at the leash, testing the limits.

One of the reasons that the SA in Germany became powerful was that ordinary Germans could see, when their assaults and property crimes went unpunished, that the Nazi side knew how to exercise power. Most Germans never were confronted by a stormtrooper. Most of them never saw a beating. But all knew that there were two sets of rules, and only one way to stay out of trouble.

Zimmerman faces the Majesty of the Law. The killers of Mrs. Strait, the mob that beat Matthew Owens, and on, and on, have nothing to fear from the law.

You have done nothing to create the hate (animosity is such a weak word), the hate they have for you. And there is nothing you can do about it. You only have to decide what you will do when they come for you.

Sam writes:

I have been getting the same uneasy feeling as the political events of the past few months have unfolded. The hatred that liberal whites have for us is palpable, and you can begin to sense their impatience. They are so, so, very tired of us holding back the progress that they think will finally yield the utopia. We have no legitimate ideas, in their view, we traditionalist conservatives are all either incurably ignorant or irredeemably wicked. I now sense that the liberal whites have finally had it with us; they just want to get rid of us, and they are so very ready to just give up on the current modus vivendi. Now, I don’t think most liberals have thought these thoughts consciously, but they are latent and they have visible effects on their behavior and their demeanor. The liberal whites need more time before they can permit themselves to consciously think the thoughts that are so clearly manifesting themselves in everything they say and do, but I sense the time is coming soon. “Liberalism in hyper-drive,” as you have put it.

Ultimately, they want a “final solution” to the White Racism problem, the Patriarchy problem, the Homophobia problem, the Xenophobia problem, the Christian Fundamentalist problem. I don’t think they want to massacre us. Yet. For now, they want to use every apparatus of the state and deploy every legal, academic, and cultural force against us until we are no more.

This sense of unease began with the HHS birth control mandate. Here is the government, coercing the Church into violating its own moral precepts, and the official narrative from the government, the media and culture is unanimous: You see, the Church is the real aggressor and is threatening to take contraception away from women. This, in a society in which even modest constraints on the availability of contraception are unthinkable. Getting rid of contraception is at the same level of political plausibility as bringing back prohibition, and yet the establishment, with one voice, hysterically announces the imminent threat of a contraception ban and they generate a political lemming stampede of women backing Obama out of fear for their lives.

Then there was Dharun Ravi, who committed no crime, and who is being sent to prison for causing psychological stress to his homosexual roommate.

The lesson is clear. Through its behaviors the Establishment says: “We don’t need a law, we don’t need a moral reason, we have the power now and the homophobes must cower in fear. It doesn’t matter what you did or who you are, we will punish you, using the full force of the law, for just for being a bigot.”

Then there was the Trayvon Martin farce. A community-minded Hispanic man shoots a dangerous black thug who is threatening his life, part of a pattern of gross black on non-black violence that is relentless and continuous. Suddenly, he becomes a “white man” (later modified to a “white Hispanic”) and the government, the media, and the culture decide that he is emblematic of the epidemic of white racism, white racism which is invisible and yet is everywhere.

Bruce Charlton wrote something the other day that rings true. This is what it is like to live under Stalin. This is what we read about in Orwell, in Havel, and in Solzhenitsyn. The only possible outcomes I see on the horizon are, eventually, the dissolution of the Union, either peacefully or not, or the continuation of our descent into tyranny.

James P. writes:

BLS may or may not find encouragement in the view that the good guys in this country, supine though they may seem, have a heck of a lot more fight than they do in other English-speaking countries such as the UK, Canada, and Australia. In those countries, the good guys have well and truly given up; they are completely demoralized, and are both morally and physically disarmed. Even the good guys’ dogs are not allowed to bite the bad guys! Flight from this country is not an option—better to find an enclave here (Utah? Wyoming? Idaho?) and take a stand.

James N. writes:

Regarding Sam’s comment, I don’t agree that the culture has judged or convicted Zimmerman. The would-be LEADERS of the culture have sounded the call, but the actual people are, I think, keeping an open mind for the first time in a long time.

LA replies:

The liberal media are are only the “would-be” leaders of the culture?

James N. replies


LA replies:

If the liberal media are not exerting power over what people believe, and thus are not the leaders of the culture, then I don’t know what actual leaders would look like.

April 30

BLS writes:

LA, you wrote: “If the liberal media are not exerting power over what people believe, and thus are not the leaders of the culture, then I don’t know what actual leaders would look like. “

The liberal media is attempting to be the leader. They assume this power because we give it to them. It is not completely effective. As I mentioned earlier, most people I meet are good people. Now, I believe people are depraved. We are good by choice and the salvation of Christ. That is how we become good, even though it goes against our nature and against the world.

James N. provided a stinging rebuke to my anxiety. He is more correct than he is wrong. I recognize this. Man is evil. If we were not, then we would not have needed our Christ. We seek the Kingdom of God, while we live in the kingdom of Man.

Is it wrong to assume that the American people have a history dedicated to our God? I cannot believe that this Country was established by those who hate God. We invited that enemy. We invited them, not with open arms, but with political aspirations and revision of our history.

I believe that this Country was formed as a daydream compared to all of humanity and history. Our success, our people, our short history is the dream of what Man could accomplish when they relied on God. The rest of the world relied on Man alone, who they propped up as false gods. This Country was different. The earliest settlers relied on a Christian God. This reliance is evident in the decades before the 20th century.

Mr. Auster mentioned a few weeks ago that the word “revolution” has been transformed. It is no longer 360 degrees—it now means 180 degrees. The American Revolution was a return to defined government, individual responsibility, and the recognition of a God that cares for us. It was a 360 degree move in Man’s history. The French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, etc … they were not a revolution. They were a changing of the natural order. They were a rejection of God, Man, and natural law. They were not Revolution—they were Rebellion.

Yet, that idea of Revolution is now the accepted definition. We confuse our people with Revolution and Rebellion. I had never considered it before, but it is an important distinction and realization. When we revolt, we turn towards God. When we rebel, we turn towards Satan.

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