Getting her priorities right

Proving how much she has to contribute to the defense of the West against Islam, and justifying Robert Spencer’s description of her as a hero of our time, Ayaan Hirsi Ali tells the London Times that she’s working on a book about the Muslim treatment of homosexuals. Yeah. Like that’s really our number one problem with Islam, that it persecutes homosexuals. Islam persecutes everyone it can get its hands on. It treats the whole world as its rightful property, to be conquered and subdued, converted or enslaved. But Ali worries about the Islamic treatment of homosexuals.

And what is her purpose? Does she think her book, written by a left-libertarian Muslim apostate, will have any effect on Islamic beliefs and practice? Of course not. Her book will not be written for Muslims. It will be written for Westerners. Its purpose is to advance the cause of homosexual rights in the West. She is exploiting the West-Islam clash to advance life-style radicalism, just as she is exploiting the West-Islam clash to attack Christianity, as a form of the “theocracy” that she says is the real enemy, the theocracy that must be dismantled in order to liberate man-and-woman-kind from whatever’s left of traditional morality.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 04, 2006 09:41 PM | Send

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