Massachusetts continues to lead America over the edge

While the Occupy Wall Street movement with its social disruption and its brainless socialist rhetoric seems to be running into a wall, the more insidious and permanent advance of cultural/moral leftism in America continues apace. A bill prohibiting discrimination against “transgendered” persons has just been passed in Massachusetts. Specifically it adds “gender identity or expression” to the category of things which cannot be the objects of discrimination. So if a male “feels” himself to be female, he must be allowed to use a women’s bathroom. That’s why opponents call it the Bathroom Bill.

More and more, I feel that what I have often said about Britain—that its leftism is so deeply embedded in the elites and the people that it cannot be turned around before it has destroyed the society—is true of America as well.

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November 18

Paul M. writes:

Montgomery County, Maryland has had such a law for several years. Bill 23-07.

We gathered enough petitions to get the law stopped and put on the ballot as a referendum, but the courts threw the petition out on a technicality.

Interestingly, the first person to sue the County for discrimination was the transgendered County Council aide who helped write and pass the law.

For the last two sessions, the homosexual lobby has been trying to get similar legislation passed statewide.

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