Dropping history into the “tragedy” hole

Peggy Noonan’s column today, “We’ll Never Get Over It, Nor Should We,” begins thus:

People are discussing the geopolitical implications of 9/11 and how the tragedy changed our country,

As soon as I saw the word “tragedy,” I stopped reading. A writer who refers to the greatest jihadist raid / mass murder in history as a “tragedy” is an idiot and not worth reading. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago in response to a similar verbal atrocity:

“Tragedy” means an event resulting in great loss or misfortune. It carries no connotation of intentional wrongdoing. A person who describes a crime or any wicked act as a “tragedy” is a liberal liar who is denying the existence of wrongdoing.

A major reason to avoid the 9/11 commemorations, in addition to the reasons I’ve already given (here and here) is that one will thereby avoid hearing the 9/11 attack referred to (over and over and over ) as a “tragedy.”

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Auntie Analogue writes:

Another facet of Media-Pravda’s misapplication of “tragedy” to the 9-11 attacks are the litanies spoken of “those we lost” or “how many we lost” or even the surviving family and firefighter and police survivors speaking, “I lost my husband / wife / good buddies.”

No one was “lost.” All the targeted dead of 9-11 were murdered. By Mohammedans. And their murders were celebrated, openly and ecstatically, by Mohammedans.

The most sensible, most cost-effective U.S. response to the Moslem mass-murders of 9-11 would have been to deport all Moslems from the U.S., and for the U.S. Government to declare that the U.S. does not recognize Islam as a religion but as a supremacist blood cult (after all, that’s exactly what the government did to the Branch Davidian cult that molested far fewer women and children than Islam has molested).

Deportation would have saved the taxpayer the colossal sums wasted on the Patriot Act and on the creation of yet more massive Fedhemoth, state, and municipal police/security bureaucracies that now continuously gobble ever more “revenue” and that snoop on every American who types certain words in his e-mails, and deportation would have spared every American being forced to act like mute sheep being shorn by government in our own airports. It would have spared all of us Americans having to hear our elite recite their endless liberal sanctimony about “anti-Moslem backlash” that has never occurred. Because, in case liberals haven’t noticed this yet, where there are no Moslems there is no jihad and no sharia-creep.

All of Media-Pravda’s coverage of official 9-11 pabulum I’ve seen so far has been nothing but cringeworthy.

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