The dean of American journalists admits he’s hopelessly out of touch—and out of sympathy—with America

David Broder writes:

I badly misjudged the broad public reaction to the angry August congressional town meetings. Instead of provoking a pro-Obama backlash, as I had expected , the town halls, amplified on sometimes hostile cable channels and talk radio, spread disquiet about what the president has in mind. [Emphasis added.]

Do you believe that? Broder is so far inside the elite liberal mindset that instead of being inspired, or at least impressed, by the popular outrage that halted Obama’s plan to turn America into a centrally controlled country, he was so repelled by the outrage that he expected that others would be repelled like him and would support centralized controls even more.

He thought the unedifying spectacle of the “bad” Americans resisting socialism would so disgust the “good” Americans that they would choose socialism. That’s what Broder thinks of America.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 30, 2009 09:08 PM | Send

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