A tarnished hero

Anthony Damata writes:

I came across this article about Buzz Aldrin teaming up with porn Star, “Gangsta” rapper, gang Lifestyle aficionado/ former Cripps gangmember, suspected murderer, and all-around Black Thug, “Snoop Dog” to do a song to mark the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing.

If ever there was a need for proof that standards of decency, social responsibility and a willingness to overlook and embrace deviancy, in the misguided notion of “encouraging interest in space” this is it.

How a man of Aldrin’s accomplishment, 2nd man on the Moon, a notable figure in American history, could align himself with such a debased product of America’s failure to raise up blacks beyond the violence and degeneracy they have sadly become associated, with is beyond me.

It is a blight on his character and reputation that he has made “defining deviancy down” a part of his curriculum vitae. This sad disgraceful action extends ever further the boundaries which in times past would never have been crossed, and shockingly illustrates how effective the rot of American liberalism has been in infecting even the best and brightest of our historic heroes.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 24, 2009 11:46 PM | Send

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