Sarah Palin’s Alaska

I saw the first episode Last Sunday night. It was a poorly done program. Palin’s own comments were banal and uninteresting in the extreme, and the editing of the Palin family’s adventures in the wild was badly disjointed. One particularly jarring moment: after the long scene in which Sarah struggles to get up the rock face, complaining the whole way, Todd takes his turn, and he moves up the mountain with a fluid, expert motion. The man is evidently a superb athlete. But the camera almost immediately breaks away from him, right in the middle of his climb, as though not to highlight him too much. Everything has to be about Sarah, even though one of the supposed themes of the show is her family’s togetherness.

Her persona and her increasingly shrill and affected voice were harder to take than ever. I will be surprised if this program keeps its large audience.

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Kilroy M. writes:

Palin’s fixation on herself in a TV piece about her family just highlights feminist narcissism / female solipsism. I think this is where all her other objectionable qualities stem from.

Warren N. writes:

The only positive development from this show will be to convince the vast majority of Republicans that Mrs. Palin is not “presidential timber.”

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