A country that has gone off the rails

Our minds are so beaten down by one unassimilable absurdity after another, most recently the news that non-commissioned officers in the Army are made to wear fake breasts and large bellies in order to learn to empathize with pregnant “soldiers” whom the NCOs will be training (see this, this, and this), that none of us stopped to ask:

Aren’t female service members removed from the military, or at least removed from active duty, when they become pregnant?

Since when do pregnant women remain in the military, let alone undergo physical training?

Were we ever informed of this change in military policy? Was there any debate about it?

But hey, what difference does it make? As I’ve been saying since December 2010, when the Congress homosexualized the military with the approval or acquiescence of a major part of the “conservative” movement, all bets are off, there is nothing that the apparachiks of sexual and homosexual equality will not now impose on us.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 22, 2012 01:54 PM | Send

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