Alice Roberts with her African cousins (and, if she has her way, our future dependents)

Earl Cromer (here is his blog) writes from England:

In today’s Daily Mirror TV guide, Alice Roberts is interviewed about her documentary, “The Incredible Human Journey,” which the reconstruction of Cro-Magnon man you wrote about was prepared for .

The article is titled “We Are Family,” and includes such choice quotes from Roberts as: “One of the big messages is we’re all closely related. It’s science telling us to look after each other.”

It also has photo captions—for a picture of Alice with Namibian Bushmen, the caption is “connected.” For a picture of a Namibian village, the caption is “One World.”

Mr. Cromer has sent a scanned copy of the upper part of the newspaper page with a photo of Roberts and two Bushmen. Click here. The photo is huge. Use your left and right arrow to scroll sideways to see the entire image.

Here is the text that accompanies the photo:

In the ultimate travel story, Dr Alice Roberts crosses the globe to find out exactly how our ancestors colonised the planet, and traces the world’s biggest family tree.

“One of the big messages is that we’re all closely related,” she says. “It’s science telling us to look after each other.”

In the opener Alice treks through Ethiopia to the spot where the earliest known human remains were discovered, and in Cape Town she learns that every person who isn’t African is descended from one group of people who left Africa around 70,000 years ago.

Her journey also takes her through Europe, Australia, Siberia, and the Americas—and has some hairy moments on the way. “It was scary sleeping outdoors in Namibia. I could hear hyenas howling,” she says. “And in Australia I drove through a river filled with crocodiles.”

LA writes:

Fascinating. It’s quite openly not about science, but about realizing the liberal ideal of one humanity.

See, she’s in her liberal glory. The main thing is, “We all One, we’re all One with nonwhite people.” This is the liberal’s religion. This is the “highest” for them.

By the way, I am not putting down the amazing discovery, based on genetic markers, of the early history of mankind. I am enthralled by it too. I am talking about the liberal treatment of this discovery by our liberal culture.

Now the funny thing about the “We Are Family” theme is that, for all of history, even people who are closely related have had serious problems with each other. The ancient Greeks were of one race, but hated each other and didn’t stop fighting. So the notion that, because we are ultimately related to all the rest of humanity, going back 70,000 years, therefore we are family and should all love and get along with each other is the sheerest fallacy.

Furthermore, it’s not just about getting along with each other, but, in Roberts’s words, “It’s science telling us to look after each other.” Meaning, of course, not that we must all equally and mutually look after each other, but that the Western world must look after the Third World, that whites must look after nonwhites.

So, not only is “science” telling us that the first Europeans were Negroes (as in Richard Neave’s laughingly fraudulent reconstruction which is featured in Roberts’s documentary); not only is “science” telling us that We’re All One; but “science” is telling us we must have global socialist government. And how can anyone argue against science?

In any case, the “We Are Family” theme of Roberts’s program and Roberts’s own statements prove that when Richard Neave reconstructed the head of the first European as an African Negro, he was helping her advance her message, in which she uses science (or in Neave’s case, the appearance of science) to advance the leftist reconstruction of humanity.

Also, Roberts is even prettier and younger looking in this photo than in the one in the Mail article that I copied. She is, indeed, a female version of Spencer Wells, the very blond, Robert Redford-ish anthropologist who had a TV series a few years ago in which he traveled around the world searching out the early genetic history of mankind and bonding with the locals of various races wherever he went, in Africa, in Australia, in Central Asia, saying over and over, “You see, even though I look so different from you, I’m really your relative. I’m one with you.”

These TV programs are a symbolic expression of liberal society, in which the intellectual and physically attractive elite of the white West are leading whites to bond with nonwhites—bond with them spiritually (“we are all One”), scientifically (“science is telling us…), socialistically (“… that we must look after each other”), and sexually (Roberts’s loving gaze at the Negro head of the “first European”).

- end of initial entry -

Ben W. writes:

Alice Roberts: “It’s science telling us to look after each other.”

Who or what is telling us this? By what moral authority? What moral authority does science have to posit an “ought?” Where is that foundational moral principle in science?

Science is made out to be an “authoritative” canon of laws. How did this come about and when?

Science is “telling us” or is it Alice Roberts who is doing the “telling?” She makes “science” to be a monolithic, approved body of laws that has authority in and of itself to specify to human beings what ought and what ought not to be done.

But is “science” just such an authoritative body of laws? In fact is “science” itself a unified “body,” or is it a collection of disparate views that have internal contradictions and lack inherent consistency? For example, where is the consistency between string and atomic theory, or between wave and particle physics? Where has the bond between chemistry and Darwinian biology been established?

Liberals love telling us that “science” (whatever it’s flavor du jour is) sets the standard for ethical behavior. But they also love to tell God to butt out … When did this “science” descend to us from Mount Sinai?

Shrewsbury writes:

If only this “we are all one and must take care of each other because it is all one world yadda yadda yadda” cult saw fit to include the white working- or middle-class, Christian, white married heterosexuals with children, etc., in its global embrace, what a wonderful world this would be. Will the pretty Miss Roberts visit a bar in a Pennsylvania steel town next?

Well, of course she won’t, because the one-world bibble-babble is all about destroying traditional white societies in favor of the new internationalist elite and their multitudinous brown playthings/myrmidons. Let’s see her with her arms around two big fat working-class blokes at her local pub. Eeeeuuuuuwww!

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