Hoodlums throwing rocks at cars from Chicago overpass

Several cars were targeted, the perps escaped.

Because of society’s total silence about and total lack of response to systematic acts of savagery by members of a certain racial group (and the odds are 99 out of a hundred that this latest crime was committed by members of that group), the savages feel empowered, and will keep looking for new ways to hurt people.

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David B. writes:

There’s nothing new about urban “youths” throwing rocks at cars from an overpass. It’s gone on for decades in many places. Around 30 years ago it was happening in Nashville, Tennessee. A concrete block was thrown into someone’s windshield from an overpass. My recollection is the victim was seriously injured, maybe fatally. Any suspects had vanished. The local newspaper quoted a policeman saying it was “a case of man’s inhumanity to man,” which seemed rather weak or at least non specific regarding the culprits.

LA replies:

The officer should have said it was a case of sub-humanity’s inhumanity to man.

Andy P. writes:

I grew up in the neighborhood whose northern boundary is formed by I-55 (The Stevenson Expressway) in the area of these attacks. I’d say there’s a 90 percent percent chance the people responsible are Hispanic, between 15 and 25, and probably “taggers” (graffiti vandals). Nowadays, both of the neighborhoods that surround this location are heavily Hispanic—between 85 and 90 percent Hispanic. Little Village lies to the north, which is where Cook County Jail is located. Brighton Park, where I grew up, is to the south. Both neighborhoods were largely Eastern European ethnics until the 1970s in Little Village, and the late 1980s or early 1990s in Brighton Park. Nowadays they are populated by Hispanics, mostly Mexican, and often illegal. The whites who remain are stubborn folks who refuse to move out. My family moved out in the early ’90s.

The exact location of the rock throwing is two freight overpasses that cross the Stevenson. The source of those train tracks is the big Santa Fe rail yard that forms the western boundary of Brighton Park. Graffiti vandals often target rail yards and travel along the tracks to find property to vandalize, or “tag” as they call it. There is a residential area just blocks away in Brighton Park from the site, West of Kedzie between 37th and Pershing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people responsible lived near there. It’s a rough area and I wouldn’t expect people not familiar with the area to venture in.

Julian C. writes:

A motorist was killed in New Zealand a few years ago when a 14 year old threw an 8 kilogram chunk of concrete off an overpass. There is a photograph of the rock thrower in this NZ Herald article.

Rewiti’s actions were “brazen”, with limited premeditation, and any sentence handed down must reflect that, Mr Perkins said.

The youngster had thrown the concrete in an attempt to “achieve notoriety” with his friends, to whom he later bragged about the killing.

“Absolutely no concern was shown by the prisoner, after the rock was dispatched.

“Rather, he was making statements to his friends in the days that followed, statements that were quite contrary.”

Ngatai Rewiti

LA replies:

He went basically unpunished for this homicidal act.

Was there no public protest over the fact that this murder went free?

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