Communism being normalized in Middle America

Clark Coleman writes:

A Pennsylvania high school band celebrates the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

I ask again: How can anyone do satire any longer in this country? How can they top the straight news stories?

LA replies:

I’ve previously mourned the fact that after the demise of the U.S.S.R., the entire history of Communism and of the Cold War against Communism was thrown into the memory hole in this country (see this and this). Americans who have received their education in the last 20 years have no more knowledge of Communism than they do of the dark side of the moon. And one of the results of this shameful blotting out of history is that it allows the left to start promoting and normalizing Communism without serious resistance.

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Terry Morris writes:

I’ve said to my friends and relatives so many times in the past several years that they are communists that you wouldn’t believe it. But I always make a distinction I haven’t yet seen at VFR or elsewhere. I tell them that (1) communism is a natural human characteristic that Western civilization has always struggled against, and (2) that what they think I mean by communism is the Soviet equivalent, which is untrue.

The Soviet State did not start out the way it finished. And I don’t need a doctorate of political science to figure that out.

Stuart S. writes:

The 95th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution will be the day after Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected President of the United States (given the incredibly inept campaign Mitt “Dukakis” is running).

Somehow I see symmetry in this coincidence of dates.

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