Why George Zimmerman may have been justified in using deadly force against Trayvon Martin

He may have realized that given the “black way” of beating a prone and often unconscious victim to within an inch of his life, only deadly force could save him from terrible injuries. See Dan R.’s comment.

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April 1

Ferg writes:

Larry, until I am in possession of all the correct facts I try to avoid use of words like “may have been” justified. From what I have been able to learn, he was within his rights and probably very justified.

I don’t judge other pilots on their flight deck behavior during an emergency nor do I judge other armed people for their reaction to violent threat or assault. Walk a mile in their shoes first.

LA replies:

I am not in possession of all the facts, that’s why I said “may have been justified.” If I were in possession of all the facts, and they pointed in that direction, I would have said, “was justified.”

Though I suppose that the fact that the police let him go is ample indication that he was justified. But since that is the very controversy at issue (i.e., should they have let him go?), I thought it was more correct to say, “may have been justified.”

Ferg replies:

OK, What I was so clumsily trying to say is that I always assume these things “are” justified until I have solid reason to think otherwise.

Looks like you were right though, as time goes on the real facts are coming out and Zimmerman just looks better and better. Too bad his like is ruined in that town.

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