Weiner loyalists speak up

I’ve just received this e-mail from The Social 9th District Group, who support Rep. Weiner:

Our congressman Anthony Weiner has requested time off from Congress to enter rehabilitation. It is our belief, as citizens of New York’s 9th District, that we rally around someone who has ably represented us and defended the poor, the oppressed and downtrodden. He has been at the forefront of LGBT and women’s issues when needed. Now, in his time of need, we call upon New Yorkers and Americans to show the basic decency in our character required at this time of support for our Congressman.

If you are a religious person, say a prayer to your god. If non-religious, pause for a moment and let this silence be a quiet note and confirmation of support. Now is not the time to cast stones and hurl condemnations. Huma and he deserve to be encircled with our love and compassion.

Thank you,

The Social 9th District Group,
May DeForest,
Callie Nordstrom.
Jack Fishbein,
Albert Georges

- end of initial entry -

James R. writes:

Did they cc their email to you to the SPLC so that august organization could conclude they were conspiring with you? Or at any rate “Draw their own conclusions” that the Social 9th District Support Group is conspiring with you to keep Wiener in office? Worst of all, through reference to prayer and other religious tactics that breech the iron wall of separation of Church and State?

LA replies:

There were no other addresses in the e-mail I received.

For those who are wondering what James’s reference to the SPLC concluding that the pro-Weiner group is conspiring with me is about, he is paraphrasing Robert McCain’s odd addendum to his reply to me. Either Mr. McCain felt uneasy about corresponding with me, because I am in the circle of the haters according to the SPLC, or he was making an ironic comment about such fears.

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