The election cometh

(This entry was originally posted at 6 p.m. yesterday, Nov. 1. I have updated it to keep it at the top of the main page for election day. Also, miscellaneous comments on the election are being posted in this entry.)

The campaigning is over. I suppose that Dixville Notch, New Hampshire will be voting at midnight tonight.

Never, never forget what the Democratic Party is and what it has done. They are not a legitimate American party. They are a criminal, leftist party that is alien to this country. In the name of meeting a national economic emergency, they passed one of the biggest spending bills in history, and then loaded it with gifts for their favorite special interests, thus showing that they weren’t spending that unprecedented amount of money and putting the country in unprecedented debt for the sake of the country, but for the sake of their corrupt constituencies. For that breach of faith alone, the Democratic Party deserves to be, not just defeated, but destroyed. Then, the next year, against the will of the country, they used legislative legerdemain to push through a nationalization of health care that would destroy one of our premier industries and turn America into a bureaucratic nightmare from which there could be no escape. For doing this, they deserve to be, not just defeated, but destroyed.

And this is the party whose leader, the president, recently told Hispanics that they should look on all Americans who oppose the legalization of Hispanic illegal aliens as their “enemies” whom they should “punish.” The Democratic Party is the party of nonwhite ethnic retribution against whites.

The Democrats are not a legitimate political party. They are a gang of looters and destroyers, whose only aim is to seize wealth produced by others and give it to themselves and their friends. They are a criminal leftist party, and they deserve to be driven out of American politics.

I’m not predicting that what the Democrats deserve to get, they will get. I’m just saying that this is what they deserve to get. But with the anti-Democratic surge that has been building, it is not impossible that over the next 36 hours my fantasy will become reality.

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Ray G. writes:

I just visited your site and read this. Sober stuff. I too am hoping for a big rebuke of The Anointed One but I am purposefully telling myself to expect less so as not to be disappointed.

My prediction: 65 in the House, 10 in the Senate. That would be a good rebuke!

Ray G. writes:

Palin’s robo call for Tancredo.

Charles T. writes:

I just followed the link in the post above to Palin’s website. The masthead is very interesting. The left side is a photo of mountains, Alaskan mountains I presume; the right side is a picture of the capitol. Interposed in between is S. Palin with her gaze on both views.

Her masthead is telegraphing. She will run for president in 2012.

Glynn Custred writes:

I’ve always said that the Democratic Party is an organized hate group and a criminal conspiracy.

Richard W. writes:

Thank you Lawrence. You have summed up my feelings better than anyone else, better than I myself could. A service that you so often accomplish.

I’m having an election party tomorrow night, as I have for every election going back to 1992. This is the first one where I seriously considered not inviting any Democrats (except for my 78 year old mother). It’s a serious moment of grave importance. But then I relented and decided to have them, they need to experience first hand not just the come-uppance, but the joy that the majority of us watching will feel in the demise of the hated Democrats.

Have a great night, more than most, you have earned it.

James N. writes:

Like you, I fantasize about 100 seats.

But, as I have repeatedly said since June, the Democrats have one big advantage—they get to run against Republicans. In the remarkable events of this year, we can see the outlines of something good emerging—but it is something not yet formed, and the tired old Republicans are both afraid of it and quite capable of strangling it in its cradle.

We’ll have to see how it goes.

Keep the faith, baby.

Steve R. writes:

Standing ovation then Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

November 2

Paul Weston writes from England:

I don’t believe that I have ever read a Larry Auster article that is as strongly worded as this, or as concisely accurate. Many congratulations, and I hope that your prescient intelligence which long ago recognised the criminality of the 2010 Democratic Party, is gradually picked up by ALL the well-intentioned but utterly duped Democrats and wavering Republicans out there.

TM Denton writes from Canada:

You write:

“The Democrats are not a legitimate political party. They are a gang of looters and destroyers, whose only aim is to seize wealth produced by others and give it to themselves and their friends. They are a criminal leftist party, and they deserve to be driven out of American politics. “

While I do not agree that looting the public treasury is a criminal act, yet, and seizing the wealth of others appears to be legal if you control the legislatures, let me raise a ragged cheer for this over-the-top rhetoric. My rational mind can be suspended for a moment and let me say “Right on, Auster. Carry on!” Defeat the Democrats for their presumption, arrogance and incompetence.

Hannon writes:

All the speculation about the number of seats the Dems will lose tomorrow has me thinking about another subject of statistical probabilities. While I am not a baseball buff the current World Series has m attention with two unlikely contenders facing off. Out of idle curiosity I wondered what is the all-time record for runs in one inning? Trying to “reason” out of thin air, I decided that a handful of runs would be perfectly explicable, while 20 runs in an inning would be simply ridiculous and outside the bounds of reasonable expectation, even as a freak event. Well, the record speaks for itself:

18 runs in the 7th inning (NL—Chicago, 1883) and 17 runs, also in the 7th (AL—Boston, 1953).

Both were shut out games against Detroit. I want to see the Detroit team’s equivalent dejection on the faces of Democrats on Wednesday morning.

Ken Hechtman, VFR’s leftist Canadian reader, writes:

Tonight I’ll be watching the returns with some friends and playing The 2010 Midterm Elections Drinking Game, Democrat Edition.

The rules:

1. For every Republican pickup in the House, take a drink.

2. For every pickup in the Senate, take four. If Teddy Kennedy’s seat stays Republican, take another four—just because …

3. If the Republicans pass 218 Congressmen, finish whatever you have left in your bottle and start a fresh one. Do the same if they pass 51 Senators.

4. Since this is a Census year with Congressional redistricting to follow, for each Republican statehouse pickup, pour one drink in memory of each close Democrat House win in that state and set it aside. Drink them all at the end of the night. You may not quit the game before doing so.

5. If the Republicans pass 60 Senators (filibuster-proof supermajority), open a fresh bottle, drink it down and continue playing. You may not quit the game. You can never quit the game.

6. If the Republicans pass 67 Senators (impeachment supermajority), open a fresh bottle, take it intravenously and continue playing. You may not quit the game. You can never quit the game and neither can anyone else.

7. If you regain consciousness at any time in the next two years, you lose.

LA replies:

Wow. And just two years ago you were rejoicing the conservatism was finished.

Debra writes:

May I echo James R.’s comments to you today? I do, and I also note that with this, “And, what the hell, Leahy,” you are in especially fine form today!

I look forward to your writing every single day, though I am not often moved to respond; that is because between you and your fine commenters, my input would be merely redundant—I seldom have anything to add.

Destroy the (Communist) Democrat Party—thugs, looters, and miscreants to the core—amen and amen to that!

Roger G. writes:

It’s taken 38 years of voting, but I’ve finally learned my lesson. Up to and including the last election, I voted for the least socialist candidate who had some chance of winning, because, after all, a half a loaf is better than none. But no more. The results we get with the “Republicans” are just as toxic as what the Democrats produce, so if we’re going to have socialism, let it be implemented and administered by the real socialists, without any help from the socialist lights (i.e., the “Republicans”). Starting Tuesday, and from now on, I vote for the conservative, regardless of his chances of winning. And if there’s no conservative, just a “Republican,” I’m voting for the libertarian—who of course never wins. If there’s no conservative or libertarian, just a “Republican,” I’m not voting for that office. So when it’s a McCain vs. an Obama, I’m no longer holding my nose and voting for the McCain. Anything less than a conservative is a disaster anyway, so why vote for anything less?

Richard F. writes:

The electorate, with the sober resolve of Atticus Finch, dispatches the rabid dog of post-modern liberalism.

LA replies:

Atticus Finch? Why bring in that symbol of liberal rectitude?

Richard F. replies:

“liberal rectitude”? … we must have gone to very different schools. Liberal men do not have the kidney to shoot anything in full view their children or a sheriff who is too timid to do his duty.

I think that Harper Lee’s novel, which was based upon her own personal experiences, has many different subtexts. I wonder how you feel about Flannery O’Conner … talk about your useful idiot. The N.Y. literary scene absolutely adored her.

But on this glorious day in November I’m much too happy about the hoped for outcome of this coming evening to be upset about not having my comment posted. You’re still the hottest read among the conservative websites.

LA replies:

Ok, Atticus Finch is the old-fashioned kind of liberal … sort of like what we imagined Gregory Peck was, before he smeared Robert Bork.

November 4

Roger G. writes:

“The Election Cometh” was massive. It hit like a—it hit like a I don’t know what. If you read it out loud in some Democratic stronghold (like my synagogue, unfortunately), everyone would be like those movie vampires suddenly exposed to the sun.

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