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As an alumnus (though not a graduate) of Columbia College, the undergraduate liberal arts school of Columbia University, I received a fundraising e-mail today from President Lee (“Diversity Über Alles”) Bollinger of Columbia University.

I replied:

Dear Mr. Bollinger:

Columbia University under your racial-socialist leadership is a joke. I wouldn’t give one penny to Columbia.

If you are unfamiliar with the term racial socialism, it means giving vast unearned and unjust benefits to nonwhites because they are nonwhite, and imposing vast unearned and unjust disadvantages on whites because they are white.

When Columbia picked you as president, I knew it was finished as an institution.

Lawrence Auster

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Paul Nachman writes:

But what do you really think??

December 20

Vincent Chiarello writes:

Over at Chronicles Magazine, Tom Piatek adds another concrete reason for you to refuse to support Columbia University and Bollinger:

Law school was no better. In 1988, the new dean of the Michigan Law School, now the president of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger, issued an edict to the law-school student singing group, the Headnotes, declaring that they could not sing any Christmas music at the school’s end-of-semester gathering. This prohibition covered not just religious carols, but any song that even mentioned the word “Christmas.”

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