Dems have given up

Another clever subhead at

Grim Dems await huge House losses
Even the dems see dead people. It’s now a matter of how many,

From the article, at Politico:

There is nearly uniform consensus among Democratic campaign professionals that the House is gone—the only question, it seems, is how many seats they will lose.

While few will say so on the record for fear of alienating party officials or depressing turnout, every one of nearly a dozen Democratic House consultants and political strategists surveyed expect a GOP majority to be elected Tuesday—the consensus was that Democrats would lose somewhere between 50 and 60 seats….

“If some Democratic consultant told you they are feeling better, they must have dropped some heavy drugs,” said a senior pollster who is working for candidates in competitive races. “It’s hard.”

After what the Democratic Party has done and tried to do to America, losing sixty seats is not hard enough. What the Democrats deserve is to be destroyed as a party, to be relegated to the ash heap of history like the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

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