What is it that drives the left? GREED.

More readers’ comments have been posted in “A country delivered into desperate straits—by greed.”

Here is the concluding paragraph of the original entry:

“The Greek catastrophe is filled with lessons for the U.S. Like their counterparts in Greece, Democratic politicians are driven by a simple, irreducible desire, the desire to keep expanding the public sector no matter what, whether for the sake of their pet ideologies, their client groups, their friends, or themselves. They’ve demonstrated this in the last three years more clearly than ever before. Despite the financial crisis, they are coldly, shockingly unrepentant about wasting inconceivable amounts of taxpayers’ money, as seen for example with the stimulus and the Solyndra fiasco, and they want—greedily, passionately want—to do more of the same. Consider their recently revealed requirement under Obamacare that the government provide totally free birth control to every woman in the country who wants it, and their notion, never heard before in this country, that ‘access’ to birth control, by which they mean totally free birth control, is an essential principle that no one may question. The Democrats have thus revealed the essence of their political being, which is that they will accept no limit on public spending, including the most wasteful, ruinous, and ideologically driven public spending, so long as they are not forced against their will to accept a limit by some power greater than themselves. Left to their own devices, leftist politicians will never behave rationally. Their ideology—and their greed—forbids it.”

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