A happier scenario for Arizona than what we’re hearing from the liberals

Here’s why the proliferating horror stories about the terrible human and civil-rights consequences of the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law will not come to pass. Illegal aliens know that under this law they will be liable at any time to be stopped, arrested, and deported. This highly unpleasant prospect will make Arizona a radically less attractive place for them to reside in. Therefore, when the law comes into effect, illegal aliens will stop coming to Arizona and those who are there will start to leave—which, I know this is shocking to hear, is the very purpose of the law. Soon, the illegal population will decline to a fraction of what it is now. The greatly reduced illegal population will reduce the need to enforce the law on a day to day basis, while naturalized citizens and legal residents will continue going about their business as before. Thus the effect of the law will not be to turn Arizona into a combination of Nazi Germany and Mississippi Burning. It will be, very simply, and exactly as the supporters of the law have said, to remove illegal aliens from Arizona.

And that, in reality, is the horrible, “un-American,” Nazi-like result of the law that liberals and Hispanics fear. Once it is seen how easy it is to remove illegals from America, just by enforcing the damn law, the illegal alien invasion of the U.S. will start to be turned back everywhere, and America will restore itself as a country in control of its borders and its sovereignty. It will cease being a country rendered helpless by the demoralizing statements of those such as George W. Bush, who told us that the only way to stop illegal immigration was to legalize all illegals and to give a green card to anyone in the world who could underbid an American for a job—in effect making all immigration legal. Which, as I explained at the time, was what Bush really meant by “comprehensive” immigration reform.

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Leonard K. writes:

You write:

” … when the law comes into effect, illegal aliens will stop coming to Arizona and those who are there will start to leave … “

But won’t they go to California, New Mexico, or Texas?

LA replies:

The effectiveness of the Arizona law, as well as the desire not to receive Arizona’s run-off, will lead those other states to follow suit.

And that’s why this is war. That’s why the liberals are launching a national campaign to treat Arizona like South Africa in the waning years of apartheid, to boycott it, to isolate it, to intimidate businesses into not doing business there, and so on.

Also, what does the liberals’ war-like response to Arizona tell us about what will happen if conservatives try to divide America into two countries? If the liberals could have such an extreme reaction to a law that simply enforces the immigration laws, imagine how they would react to any attempt by a state to secede from the United States?

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