What the anti-Semites believe

I wonder how many people understand a remarkable truth we’ve discussed previously (here and here), that the anti-Semites believe, literally, that everything a person of Jewish background does is done for the sake of advancing the power of the Jews over white gentiles; and, further, that the anti-Semites, who write about me often, believe that this general truth about the Jews applies with particular force to myself. According to the anti-Semites, everything I’ve written, on whatever subject, is “really” about empowering or defending the Jews and weakening white gentiles.

Do you consider my characterization of the anti-Semites’ view of myself so bizarre as to be impossible and unbelievable? Then read this.

The anti-Semite Tanstaafl writes at his website:

In the past few months Auster has spent a great deal of effort attacking and denouncing Darwinism. I’m not going to bother picking apart his “logic”, he’s clearly doing it for the same reason he does anything else. He thinks Darwinism is bad for jews, though it isn’t really Darwinism per se that he dislikes, it’s the use of evolution and genetics in understanding the world and how jews stand in it that Auster can’t stand.

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Gintas writes:

That’s where absolute genetic determinism gets you.

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