New heights of truth avoidance among the Islam critics

Roger G. writes:

The discussion following Janet Levy’s article at American Thinker is full of commenters breathlessly reminding each other how terrible Islam is. I sent a comment saying that there’s no point in continuing to restate the problem, that we have to identify and work toward the solution, which is to stop Muslim immigration, and remove the Muslims already here, including citizens. The section is moderated, and my comment was not posted.

LA replies:

I would remind readers that Levy’s article concerns Sam Solomon’s and Elias Al Maqdisi’s book about the Islamic doctrine of subversion of non-Islamic societies via immigration, of which the first and greatest exemplar was the M man himself. See my discussion of it.

So far I’ve read the first 11 comments, and so far Roger G.’s description of them is borne out. The commenters’ theme is consistent: Islam is terrible, horrible, it’s more horrible than we realized, it’s coming to destroy us, we must wake up, we must stop being in denial, we must cast aside PC. But not one commenter expresses the slightest hint of a suggestion of what to do about this horrible threat.

So it would appear that what we have here is the ultimate example of Usual Suspectdom: Even when the subject being discussed, the subject setting off justified extreme alarm among the Islam critics, is the Islamic strategy of taking over non-Muslim societies via immigration, none of the critics points out that our Muslim problem consists in the presence of Muslim populations that are here solely as a result of immigration, and none of them says that the solution to the problem must include the end of such immigration, as well as (though I don’t expect any of them to say this) the departure of Muslims via reverse immigration. And if anyone does point out these logical and unavoidable conclusions of the extremely alarming thesis under discussion, his comment is spiked.

Update: AT is not excluding all comments mentioning immigration. VFR readers Hannon and A. Zarkov have just had comments posted there.

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