Faced with real Islam criticism from his callers, a conservative radio host turns liberal

JC writes from Houston (September 27):

This morning on the way to work I was listening on Sirius Satellite Radio to the program “Fox and Friends” with host Brian Kilmeade. (This program used to be “Brian and the Judge.” He was the sidekick to Judge Andrew Napolitano who left the show some time ago.) As usual, the subject of the show was the Ground Zero mosque. Kilmeade was railing against it as usual and questioning the motives of “Imam Rauf” and the rest of this Islamic crew. When he opened the phones up however, there were a number of perceptive callers who tried to inform him that Islam was the enemy and detailed how Islam attempts to work its way into the fabric of our society and when their numbers are large enough, take over. At this point Kilmeade went into liberal mode, asking the callers if they thought that “all Muslims are evil.” He kept referring to “extremists … radical Islamists,” as if it’s a small fringe responsible for all of Muslim terrorism. Frankly, it destroyed all credibility these FOX people have with me.

LA replies:

Would he have said, during World War II, “Are all Germans evil?” Of course not. No one imagined (at least until the hyper-liberalism of our time, as seen in Daniel Goldhagen’s despicable book) that all Germans were evil. But all Germans were part of Germany and Germany had to be defeated. But modern, anti-discriminatory liberalism makes it impossible to conceive of any group as our enemy, because that means being unfair and discriminatory to individuals who are members of that group.

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