Asking the principal of one’s child’s school: What you are doing, and what are you willing to do, to protect my child?

A reader writes:

I have sent the below letter to all of my children’s schools. The underlying point of the letter is that the females who run the schools not only abhor guns and would oppose arming even willing staff, they also oppose physical force of any kind, even without guns, and therefore will promote huddling in terror waiting to be killed over active resistance and defense of children.

Dear [title and name]:

I am sure you are as grieved and upset as I am regarding the horrible recent events in Connecticut. Because the safety of my child(ren) is my foremost responsibility, I would like you to answer the following questions:

(1) Who, specifically, is responsible for the safety and defense of the children in your school?

(2) Do you have a policy regarding the use of physical force, including all legal, necessary and proper force under the laws of [name of state], to defend the children who attend your school in the event of a violent assault?

(3) If so, what is it?

(4) If not, why not, and what is being done to develop such a policy?

Inasmuch as this matter is of vital importance, I would appreciate it if you would respond in writing. Thank you.

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