Language malfunction at the New York Times

Charles M. Blow

Charles Blow, the impossibly smug-looking black columnist on the New York Times op-ed page, begins his piece today with this sentence:

Let me be clear: the idea of an inevitable Republican landslide in November is not a foregone conclusion.

I think he meant to say:

Let me be clear: a Republican landslide in November is not a foregone conclusion.

May one suggest that Blow needs less self-esteem, and more attention to his English usage?

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Jim C. writes:

Blow’s outstanding credentials (from Wikipedia):

Charles M. Blow is an American journalist, and the current visual Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times. Blow graduated magna cum laude from Grambling State University in Louisiana, and has worked as a graphics and art director for the Times and National Geographic respectively. Since April 2008, his columns have appeared in the Times on a fortnightly basis and feature charts as a form of opinion journalism. Blow also writes a blog entitled “By The Numbers” for the newspaper’s website.

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