They’re trying again to put us to sleep

Do you trust Lindsey Graham’s judgment that the health care bill can’t pass in the Senate? Do you trust Joseph Lieberman’s commitment that he will join a filibuster against any bill that contains a public option? I don’t. And lots of L-dotters share the same distrust. After all the news stories telling us of the insuperable obstacles the bill faced in the House, and then it passed, do the media expect us to put our faith in the same sorts of predictions regarding the Senate? They are jerking us around.

What to do, then? How about an unlawful march on Washington, promising much more of the same if they pass this thing? How about thousands of Americans committing public acts of civil disobedience in the nation’s capital and being willing to go to jail for them?

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Dan S. writes:

You asked: “Do you trust Lindsay Graham’s judgment that the health care bill can’t pass in the Senate?” In a word, no. Graham is an outright liberal-leftist who cannot be trusted on anything (remember that he came out and supported left-wing Hispanic supremacist Sotomayor and is a strong supporter of amnesty for illegal aliens). Now Graham is out trying to disassociate Islam from the jihad attack at Fort Hood. Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch has the story.

Not only can this man not be trusted, he is as dangerous to our civilization as any Democrat.

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