Police shoot axe-wielding Somali breaking into home of Danish cartoonist

(Note: ironically, just one week ago at VFR, Kidist Paulos Asrat, in response to a question by me, wrote that Somalis have “aggressive and violence prone personalities.”)

So long as a significant number of Muslims reside in any non-Muslim society, there will be an irreducible number of jihad warriors in that Muslim population who will place at risk the life of any person who does anything that displeases Muslims. Muslims are commanded by their god to be eternally at war with non-Muslims. They are specifically commanded by their god to kill anyone who “insults” Islam. A non-Muslim society that has allowed Muslims to enter it as immigrants has brought its mortal enemies into its own bosom. The only way to undo this fatal error is—to undo it.

The story come from Sky News.

Danish police have shot a man trying to break into the home of a controversial cartoonist armed with an axe.

A 27-year-old Somalian was wounded in the incident at the Aarhus home of Kurt Westergaard, 74, who drew cartoons of Islam’s prophet Mohammed.

Guards stopped three men trying to break into the house, Danish media reported.

The intruder is being held in custody, police said.

“At 10pm this evening, a personal alarm was received from Mr Westergaard’s house,” chief superintendant Morten Jensen, from East Jutland police, said.

Officers found the man “armed with an axe and a knife in either hand”.

Chief Supt Jensen said: “He broke a window of Mr Westergarrds house. He tried to attack one officer with an axe and he was shot in his right leg and his left arm.

“He’s not seriously injured, he’s in custody,” he added.

Denmark’s Ritzau news agency said police sappers were sent in to the home to look for a bomb that might have been laid.

Westergaard’s cartoons angered Muslims

The Danish cartoonist caused fury in the Islamic world four years ago after a Danish newspaper published his drawings of Mohammed wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb.

There were violent protests in many Islamic countries that lead to dozens of deaths in Nigeria, Libya and Pakistan.

Demonstrators burned Danish flags in protests that culminated in February 2006 with the torching of Danish diplomatic offices in Damascus and Beirut.

Mr Westergaard received several death threats.

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