Pennsylvania school to teach Intelligent Design

For the first time, a school district in the United States has mandated the teaching of Intelligent Design. Dover, Pennsylvania (population 1,850) is requiring that Intelligent Design, which holds that the universe is so complex that it must be the result of a higher power, be taught alongside Darwinian evolution in ninth grade biology classes. School board member William Buckingham said he proposed the change in order to balance evolution with other theories that would raise questions about the scientific validity of evolution.

Unsurprisingly, the ACLU and the Americans United for Separation of Church and State plan to file a federal lawsuit to prohibit the curricular change. The lawsuit appears to be a further step forward by the secular liberals in their demonic campaign to strip all traces of God and religion from American life. Now the liberals seem to be saying that if a public school or other state institution even raises the logical possibility that there may be a creator God, that is an “establishment of religion.”

It’s worth reminding ourselves from time to time of the original meaning of these words. The First Amendment states that Congress shall not establish any religion, meaning that the national government shall not favor any religious denomination over others, nor make membership in a particular denomination a requirement for holding federal public office, nor subsidize any denomination with public funds. But under the current liberal interpretation,—which is so deeply embedded in modern government and belief that it would take a revolution to remove it—the First Amendment is said to mean that no state or local government in the United States can have any connection whatsoever with the belief in God or even with the idea of God.

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