McCain now says that border security comes first

John McCain, perhaps the only figure in American politics who is a more arrogant promoter of universalism, open borders, and the Hispanicization of America than President Bush; McCain, who said in October 2005 that “our one shared faith is the belief that a nation conceived in an idea … will prove … better than any nation … made from a common race or culture,” meaning that America should not have a majority culture or a common culture but should only be universal; McCain, who in May 2006 called for America to be “enriched” by the “fresh blood and culture” of Hispanics, meaning that while the blood and culture of America’s European majority is of no value and should cease to be the majority so that we can be universal, the blood and culture of Mestizos should be celebrated and allowed to flood our land; McCain, who after the amnesty and open borders package was put together by a tiny group of negotiators in May 2007, said to a press conference, “We all know this issue can be caught up in extracurricular politics unless we move forward as quickly as possible,” meaning that this nation-transforming bill should not be examined by a committee but be sent directly to the Senate floor for a vote without a debate; McCain, who was so devoted to the open borders cause that his front-runner status for the GOP nomination was wrecked, that John McCain is finally changing his tune on immigration. According to the Arizona Republic (via Reflecting Light), McCain is now saying “I will secure the borders before we do anything else. The borders have to be secured. I got the message. Got it.” But, as the Republic makes plain, McCain has been so fanatical for open borders for so long that no one is buying it.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 10, 2007 01:30 PM | Send

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