Looking more closely at Jindal

Here’s a first—an article in a conservative venue, American Thinker, criticizing the constantly lauded Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. Tom Roberson argues that Jindal has doubled the state’s budget, has used accounting tricks to keep the budget in balance, does not emulate Gov. Christopher Christie when it comes to cutting spending, and is more interested in using the governorship as a springboard for the presidency than in doing a good job as governor:

Jindal doesn’t seem to understand is that status quo governing is currently not in vogue. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is talked about as presidential material precisely because of his willingness to shake up New Jersey’s insular political culture without thought of higher office. Christie is willing to take on the special interests and make the hard choices New Jersey needs to survive, while Jindal is doing his best not to offend any powerful interests in Louisiana. This type of timid leadership is exactly what the Tea Parties are railing against.

Those promoting or considering Bobby Jindal as presidential material need to take a much closer look at his record as Louisiana governor. Jindal talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk.

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Dan R. writes:

Barry to Bobby, Barack Hussein to Piyush Amrit, it’s all the same: conservatives believing as much as liberals that we need a non-white president. That the American Thinker would deign to criticize Jindal is at least a step in the right direction.

LA replies:

Yes, it’s unheard of. Up to this point in the conservative press, he’s been St. Jindal

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