The Dream Ticket from hell

Here’s someone who dislikes John McCain even more than I do. Serge Trifkovic has an article at Chronicles called “McCain and Soros: The Most Dangerous Man in America, Bankrolled By the Most Evil Man in the World.” An excerpt:

John McCain is the most dangerous man in today’s America because this likely next occupant of the White House combines a muddled world outlook with an imbalanced personality, limited intelligence, and low character. Like Vladimir Ilich Lenin or Ted Kaczynski, he needs dehumanized adversaries and loves to hate, never mind the ideology. He pours scorn on powerful countries such as Russia or China, or weak ones such as Serbia, not because it makes any sense from the point of view of this country’s security interests, but because they resist—or may resist—what his archneoconservative advisor Robert Kagan terms America’s Benevolent Global Hegemony. He screams at his subordinates, red in the face and foaming at the mouth, and calls them names. He graduated 894th of 899 from the Naval Academy in Annapolis and famously lost five jets over Vietnam before finally being taken prisoner. He has taken money from his party’s declared enemies while simultaneously seeking that same party’s presidential nomination.

In brief, it is unsurprising that John McCain has attracted the attention of, and found a benefactor in, one of the most evil men in the world, George Soros.

Trifkovic and I are of the same mind on McCain, as I wrote an article in 2000 called “McCain: A Dangerous Man Reflecting the Triumph of Clintonism.” It was published at NewsMax on or just before Super Tuesday, and I liked to feel that, at least symbolically, it marked McCain’s extinction in that race. Imagine my distress when I saw his comeback in 2008, and my despair and rage when I saw establishment conservatives fail to oppose him until it was too late, because they felt that Mitt Romney was “too perfect” and “not a regular guy.”

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Michael P. writes:

Darn it, Auster, I was set for a nice pleasant weekend, and, thanks to you, it’s all gone to hell. Thanks, pal. Just what I needed.

PS: I don’t want to come across as sycophantic, but yours is one of the most intelligent things out there. When I want opinion I go to you (and a few others). When I want entertainment I cannot get away from Dylan and Richard Wagner. I’m not sure I’m the kind of guy you want reading your blog… :-)

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