Why the shooting in Cupertino: Allman was an unsafe, reckless driver, other workers complained about him, he blamed “discrimination,” and struck back

A story posted by Silicon Valley Mercury News.com at 5 a.m. today gives the most detailed account yet of the rampage at the Lehigh Hanson Permanente Cement Plant yesterday, and of the motives that drove Shareef Allman to kill his fellow workers. The story is based on an interview with Mike Ambrosio, a union leader and truck driver who has worked for 16 years at the plant. Ambrosio was shot in the arm by Allman but played dead and survived the attack.

“Why are you doing this?” some of the men asked as they tried to duck the bullets.

Ambrosio, 45, said he knew the answer as he lay bleeding under the table. If Allman wanted any of his co-workers dead, it might have been him.

The rampage came less than a week after Ambrosio confronted Allman, telling him that as his union shop steward, he would no longer represent him to management over the numerous safety violations he was accused of committing.

“He’s had so many accidents and always said that because he’s African-American, the company was after him,” Ambrosio said. “He was an unsafe driver.” Ambrosio said Allman had turned over a truck and snagged overhead wires when he left the truck bed in the air.

Last Thursday, Ambrosio told Allman that “no one has ever had so many accidents in the company like you have.”

Ambrosio set up a meeting Monday morning with management, telling officials that Allman’s safety record was so bad, his driving so reckless, that “the workers weren’t safe.”

Company officials, Ambrosio said, responded by encouraging his fellow drivers to document any further problems.

“The workers were tired of complaining and the company not doing anything,” Ambrosio said.

This is remarkably similar to the Omar Thornton mass murder in Connecticut in 2010. A black is hired by a company. He is not competent, or, as in Thornton’s case, he is not honest, and his job comes under threat. He blames his troubles on others, and so he avenges himself on the people who have “harmed” him.

The unadorned truth is that blacks, because they are on average much less competent and much more violent than people of other races, pose a disproportionate threat to society. I am not saying that all blacks or most blacks are violent. I am saying that the incidence of violence among blacks is much higher than among other racial groups. And because this is a matter of life and death, society should be honest with itself about this fact instead of covering it up and blaming whites for blacks’ failures and inadequacies.

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S. writes:

This is an important phenomenon, and one which I have only recently begun to pay attention to, thanks in part to your candid honesty. I teach an introductory course at a university, and I see this phenomenon frequently. Every year I have black students who are consistently disruptive and disrespectful. But they do not usually start out that way, rather, their hostility and aggression build over time. Now I think I have an explanation for this.

Typically, they seem as if they simply don’t belong in college. They cannot read well, they probably have IQs well under 90, and they perform abysmally relative to their peers. But they have been told by egalitarian liberals that they do belong in college, that they can perform, and that it is not their fault they perform abysmally. So of course they become angry and embittered, and they come to disrespect both the class and the material. They probably come to think that abstract reasoning and verbal sophistication are nothing but white “tricks” which we use to promote each other and keep them from getting ahead.

Their anger is, in a way, justified. The liberals have told them to do what they cannot, and told them that it not their fault if they cannot. It is like asking someone with an IQ of 80 to do calculus, and when hecannot, ensuring him that it is not his fault. What will he do? He will eventually conclude that he is being duped and cheated, and that calculus is just a meaningless series of symbols designed by those in authority to “trick” him. His anger and hostility grows; he has been put into an impossible situation, like someone trapped in a Kafka short story.

All of this underscores just what a monstrous, inhuman ideology liberalism is.

LA replies:

Thank you for seeing this. I first discussed this phenomenon in the opening section of my speech at the 1994 American Renaissance conference, “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America.”

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