The refugee racket

Ed H. writes:

The annual State Department Refugee Admissions Quota meeting was held on May 12, in Arlington. It was comprised of 40 NGOs each trying to encourage the U.S. government to expand the definition of “refugee” and bring in as many refugees as possible. As it stands for 2012, 62,000 will be admitted, including many thousands of Muslims. This meeting is ground zero for the demographic destruction of America. I was the only conservative in the room, and just about the only man.

Any use of logic or facts is ignored. More people should know about this meeting and attend. A few intelligent protesters could really help stop this assault on American demographics. We requested a video tape be made, but our request was ignored.

Obama loves this program. It is a real weapon against the white middle class. Last year 85,000 refugees were approved. The American public has no say in this. It is a closed circle between the UN and Obama with a cursory review by Congress. The refugee racket is unbelievably corrupt and destructive and it is completely under the thumb of the leftist multiculturalists.

Some highlights from the speakers at the meeting:

1. America should admit many more Muslim refugees … because we disturbed their peaceful existence by the Iraq War.

2. America should extend the definition of “refugees” to mean Lesbian, Gay and Transgendered.

3. America should extend the definition of refugee to mean victims of violence against women, including 500 million Chinese women suffering from China’s One Child policy.

4. Diversity and the vibrancy it brings are never to be questioned.

There is apparently no bit of unhappiness in this fallen world for which the U.S. taxpayer shouldn’t be made responsible, and which America’s cultural identity shouldn’t be rearranged to accommodate.

But here’s a silver lining. I get the feeling that even the State Department has grown sick of these people and is looking for some way to shut them down.

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