Differing media treatment of Occupy Wall Street protesters and Tea Partiers

(See follow-up to this entry here.)

Tim W. writes:

1. Tea Party Rallies are single-day events, scheduled for weekends, because the Tea Partiers have jobs and family responsibilities.

2. Tea Partiers bathe and could pass a drug test.

3. Tea Party protest signs make sense and never contain the “F” word.

4. Don’t expect to see the headline, “Tea Partiers Clash With Police.” anytime soon.

5. Tea Partiers are asking the government to let them keep more of what they earned, as opposed to asking the government to give them more of what someone else earned.

6. Tea Partiers can name their U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative.

7. Tea Partiers leave the rally site cleaner than it was when they arrived. They don’t trash the place, and in fact pick up litter that was already there when they arrived.

8. If you’re walking with your kids and stumble upon a Tea Party rally, you don’t have to cover your kids’ eyes and quickly lead them away.

9. Tea Partiers aren’t living off their daddy’s credit card.

10. Tea Party groups behave responsibly. They reimburse cities for any electricity they use. They don’t stay longer than a few hours or cause any trouble so there’s no massive taxpayer expenses for police overtime. Nor do they vandalize the area, requiring taxpayers to clean the mess up later.

Bonus eleventh difference between the Tea Partiers and the Occupiers:

Despite numbers one through ten above, the media and the Democrats assure us that the Tea Partiers are dangerous, ignorant, violent radicals, while the Occupiers are our best and brightest.

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