Nice Muslims

KPA writes from Canada:

I watched the whole hour of a popular Canadian news program “The Agenda” whose most recent subject was “Today’s young Muslim women: Exploring the myths and realities”. It was fascinating to see how likable all these young women were: articulate, opinionated, charming and thoughtful. I realized how much more dangerous Muslims in the West are than we think. By accepting them on their many human qualities, we get lured into a program that pretends to be as likable as these women, but is really our deadly enemy. I think such women (and probably men as well) are as dangerous, if not more, than the suicide bombers and Jihad networks that make for dramatic news.

LA replies:

Agreed. The great trap for Westerners is to look at Muslims as individuals. Liking them as individuals, we stop seeing them as members of a religion that commands the subversion and destruction of our society, no matter how nice individual Muslims may be. This is why we need to oppose the spread and influence of Islam as such, not just “radical” Islam.

For the same reason, when it comes to liberalism, we need to oppose, not just the obviously bad radical left (as David Horowitz does), but mainstream, “normal” liberalism, the fundamental principles of which are in fact extremely radical and must lead to the destruction of our society.

KPA continues:

Here is a comment on The Agenda blog, about how a nice Muslim’s friends changed their graduation plans to include her (one and only) in their party. And of course her daily prayers at her workplace, where she says she couldn’t do this “back home in India.”

“Last year, my friends from university—all non-Muslims—decided to celebrate our graduation by going to a bar. Later, they changed the plan to celebrate with ice cream instead just so I could be included. That’s why I’m glad to be in Canada where I can truly be myself—traditional as well as moderate with the satisfaction that people understand. Even all of my past employers let me pray during my work hours. I probably wouldn’t be able to do that back home in India.”

This poster, Sahar Deshmukh, happens to be the associate producer of The Agenda.

Muslim’s absolutely don’t care about the core values of Canadian (Western and Christian) society, but will find ways, violent or not, to make sure their lives are accommodated.

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