The typical response of a relative of a victim of black-on-white savagery: “There was no reason to do this” (implying that in most cases there is a reason).

Cicero at The Big Lie on Parade (“A daily roundup of the continuing and ever increasing intifada of black on white crime”) reports (slightly edited):

A teenaged white kid in Detroit was jumped and beaten half to death by a bunch of “guys.” Only when one of the savages had the tiniest shred of humanity left and said to stop or they would kill him did the attack cease. It was around this time that the victim passed out. His injuries were extensive and some will last the rest of his life. Including vision that may be permanently lost in one eye. The kid’s father still doesn’t seem to get it. He says, “There’s no reason to do this. He doesn’t have people after him. He doesn’t fight with people.”

Is he yet another white man with the blinders firmly in place? I don’t think so. He knows what time it is. He is just being cowardly like the rest of white America. Until white victims of black crime start speaking up about the truth for why they were attacked, nothing is going to change. It will only get worse. For once I would just like to see a victim or the family of a victim say to one of these dopey reporters, “They did it because I was white!” “They did it because he was white!” “They did it because they are the true racists and you guys do nothing but cover it up with your Orwellian Newspeak and constant lies of omission. You are partly responsible.”

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