Female empowerment => death

“I can do anything. No one can tell me what I can’t do.”

Jeanette V. writes:

Another silly woman get herself killed.

Woman tourist, 23, found decapitated after going missing while hiking through the Himalayas in Nepal

The desperate search for 23-year-old Belgian hiker missing in Nepal for ten days came to a gruesome end when her decapitated body was found in the Himalayan Mountains.

Debbie Maveau was badly decomposed, but investigators couldn’t miss the sight of her head 13 inches away from her body, discovered the near a hiking trail in Langtang National Park, Agence France-Presse reports.

She is only the latest in a string of assaults and disappearances of young women hiking alone in the rugged mountains along the Chinese border.

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Jessica K. writes:

Young Western women on a solo adventure across the world is now so common that the British bank Natwest has incorporated it into its advertising.

From an email I sent you some time ago:

The British bank Natwest has brought out a new phone app which lets middle-class parents instantly transfer funds to their young, precocious, sheltered daughters while they’re travelling, alone, across the world. This gives mom and dad peace of mind as their Independent Girl confidently trots across the globe without needing a man to escort her. Who says backpacking and roughing it are only for men? Who needs the Western patriarchy that enforces gender roles, heteronormativity and racial hierarchy? You don’t, not when when you can walk through Marrakech in short-shorts and a tank top while your blonde hair flows in the breeze.

You can see the advert here.

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