Django’s agenda

Sam writes:

Some months ago, I commented on the fact that there is, among white liberals and their various minority client groups, a palpable hatred of non-liberal whites and a subconscious desire on their behalf to see us harmed, humiliated, and ultimately exterminated. At that time I remarked that liberal whites have not yet allowed themselves explicitly to think the thought that non-liberal whites must be exterminated; their collective super-ego has not yet permitted their collective Id to present this thought to them as a practical possibility. But, through this Django Unchained movie and other films like the repulsive V for Vendetta, a movie which, incidentally, contains much left-wing iconography, we can see now that these dark thoughts are increasingly burbling up into their consciousness. As their power grows, so grows their impatience with us and their sense that we are the source of all of the world’s problems. If we would just get of the way, they think, the utopia would be here. But we won’t get out of the way. And so we must be dealt with.

These films express the same kind of exterminationist impulses as those expressed in the white supremacist tract The Turner Diaries, except that the latter was directed at blacks and Jews, the book was written by a marginal and mentally unstable figure, and was almost universally condemned, while the bloodlust of Django and V for Vendetta is directed against white, Christian men, they are made by famous Hollywood directors who have tens of millions of viewers, and they are almost universally celebrated.

Movies like these are, in terms of their impact upon the collective psyche, slowly moving the ball down the field toward a coalition of the elite white and the formerly oppressed nonwhite that will finally exterminate the white Christian oppressor and usher in the rainbow Utopia which we have thwarted for far too long.

The ugly truth is that they have had it with us and they want us gone.

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D. Smith writes:

Sam writes on the growing hatred of the white conservative male. The self-same thought occured to me earlier today, and I commented about it on Daniel Greenfield’s blog.

It reminds me of that monster of the French Revolution, Saint-Just. He regarded killing as merciful act as those he had killed had no part to play in his imagined future.

That Revolution has been the source of much of the world’s evil and we are still suffering from the horror it bought into the world.

Your writing is always thought provoking.

Stephen L. writes:

One theme I developed over the last four years (and thank you for reminding me about how to incorporate numbers into written communications—Sister Justitia, Sisters of Mercy, would be proud) is that the real issue in this country, the overriding problem of our elites, is their total and overarching loathing of all things white rural Christian male. Who is a white rural Christian male? He could be your next door neighbor in Manhattan, or attend the fancy salon parties in D.C., or be in any major city in the US. The problem is that over time, the liberal onslaught of his sensibilities will either drive him away or convert him.

I do not have an answer to how to deal with this issue, it has perplexed me for several years, and really, how do we get society to return to the ethos of life is difficult, you must work hard, nothing is free, etc., when one can get laid off, collect ninety nine weeks, work under the table, and get by. Our society is upside down, it is fascinating to watch and think of what has been lost; I am just overwhelmed with sadness at times.

Anyway, the forces of darkness are rising, Islam, Atheism, secularism, and the worst of the group, liberals, are out to destroy what this country was founded upon. In closing, thank you for all that you do. I consider you a mentor.

JC in Houston writes:

Sam wrote:

“The ugly truth is that they have had it with us and they want us gone.”

I would not despair too much. The truth is also that we (or many of us) have had it with them and want them gone from our lives.

Ed H. writes:

As General Grant said when his subordinate generals despaired of ever winning a battle:

“Bobby Lee, Bobby Lee, I am sick of hearing about Bobby Lee, you think he could turn a somersault and land behind our lines. Stop thinking about what he is going to do to you, and start thinking about what you are going to do to him.”

The Rainbow Coalition is a media generated conglomeration of ghetto garbage, directionless, low-IQ Third-World morons, academic non-entities, and Hollywood drug addicts, whores, and homosexuals. They can achieve nothing, build nothing, plan nothing. They live off white Christian civilization, cannibalizing it, sponging off it, bleeding it dry. They have gotten to the point they are at because we have been befuddled, and leaderless. But that time is coming to an end. I am glad the air is clearing and we can see them for what they are, an alien implacable enemy who wants our blood. How many victories have they won simply because we have mistaken them for well-meaning people with a slightly different point of view, and we good naturedly gave away another square mile of the Republic thinking it would all work out. It is the spirit of spineless compromise that has us where we are. Stop fretting about them not liking you, and worrying about what they are going to do to you, and start thinking about what you are going to do to them.

LA replies:

Those are fine words, but I don’t think Grant’s famous quote is appropriate to our situation. He was the head of one of two armies facing each other. He had the ability to do things to the enemy. We are, now, utterly powerless. We have zero organization. So we are not remotely in the same situation as the Union Army. Perhaps we can acquire an organization and power; but we do not have them now.

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