Will there be open political war on whites as whites?

Shrewsbury writes:

You may recall that Shrewsbury was suggesting before last year’s November election that the accession of Obama to the presidency would result, contrary to the general expectation, in an even more zealous obsession with white racism. Although until now Shrewsbury had not felt that this prediction had quite been verified to the extent he had foreseen (despite Attorney General Holder’s best efforts), he believes that this week, especially with the absurd Gates brouhaha, the effect has finally begun to be realized. What is more, he fears it may be that as the administration quickly descends ever further into heretofore undreamt-of abysses of abject failure, increasingly the blame for its unparalleled incompetence will be placed on white racism (other than which there is none). And today he noticed a straw in the wind perhaps suggesting the coming storm, the penultimate paragraph in a New York Times article, “Democrats’ Divide Fuels Turmoil on Health Care”:

The intraparty dispute had racial overtones. One African-American Democrat, Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia, pointed out that the seven Blue Dog Democrats holding up the health care bill in the Energy and Commerce Committee were “a nondiverse group” of white men.

I must say, the more I think about it, the more outrageous it seems.

LA replies:

Of course, there has been a political war on whites as whites for a long time, as seen, for example, in the now well-established prohibition on saying anything good about whites as whites. What I mean by the title of this entry is that this war will become more explicit, more audacious, and more extensive in its targets, so that whites will be seen as inherently questionable, suspect, and illegitimate, as expressed in Hank Johnsons’ remark about Democrats opposing Obamacare and in Henry Gates’s response to the sight of a white police officer at his front door.

Jeff W. writes:

I was reading the comments to this article on Salon:

It’s entitled “My GOP: Too old, too white to win.” I didn’t even read the article. It’s familiar advice to the GOP that they have to “reach out” to minorities if they expect to win.

But the comments (which are called “letters” at Salon) are amazing, an incredible amount of pure hatred directed toward white males. There is triumphalism in it: White males are outnumbered! They are on the way out! And there’s nothing they can do about it! Also frequently expressed in these comments is the notion that white males are the cause of all the world’s problems.

It’s starting to smell like violence, I am sorry to say. Depending on how the U.S. economy unravels, violence could be coming quite soon to a neighborhood near you.

July 25

Jeff W. writes:

Here are examples of the anti-white comments at Salon following the article “My GOP: Too old, too white to win,” which I told you about in my previous comment:

The section of North America we call the United States never should have been a land of powerful white Christian males. The land was taken; Plymouth Rock landed on the non-Elect. May the City on a Hill turn something other than lily white.

The modern-day GOP represents the entrenched powers who have used political clout and, from time to time, physical violence, to rob dignity and extract profit from the masses. -schenka


“The Base” is dedicated to keeping hippies, sluts, spics, homos, gooks, ragheads, and blacks (I’ll leave out the real word) in their place. Good luck with finding enough people to vote against their own interest to side with the brownshirts. I hope this helps.—anon anon


“he would have won the popular vote before a single non-white vote was cast.” Because of course in the good ole days, whites voted first. Right? Interesting what your use of language reveals about your subconscious, you f*cking stupid racist Republican.—SB


What a transparent attempt… …to respin the class white male persecution complex. It’s not the fault of your policies or ideology! The tides of demography have run against you! There is absolutely no, do you hear me, no need to examine what you advocate as a party and how you’ve chosen to lead this country! Just figure out how to trick those brown skinned people onto your side!—StephenAshley


I believe that following a fullscale federal investigation of high crimes committed in office the entire assets of the GOP and its coorporate partners should following prosecution be seized and reimbursed to the US Treasury and a constitutional convention convened to reaffirm and ammend our founding documents to prevent any form of government secrecy or collusion with any business interest or religious institution what so ever in the future. You are not the loosers you are the winners and for the protection of society most of you should be exiled from the US and fobidden to return.—grmorrison


Soon we’ll be able to round up all the white eyes and herd them into camps for extermination.—NP NP


Simple as addition and subtraction The article covers the “too white” part. Here’s the “too old” part. Every year young, open-minded 17-year-olds turn 18, and every year, old, racist Republicans turn over in their graves.—IBelieveInSanta


core values? Just what are the GOP’s core principles. I think I know what they are. Xenophobia, homophobia, and hatred of women! Get off that BS and you may survive as a party, otherwise go away. We are tired of your over moralizing and your walking in lockstep with racist fools.—teresa


Anyone other than rich white men would be foolish indeed to vote for any Republican. The Democrats are no dreamboats either, not by a long shot, but the Republicans are murderous greedy lunatics. They must be driven into sobbing defeat and never allowed to run the country again.—No-Doz


As the monopoly on power enjoyed by Caucasian-Christian males over the last several centuries of Western Civilization continues to fade, it’s inevitable that many of those who benefited from the stacked deck will not easily give up “the good old days” when their rule was unquestioned and they could dole out crumbs to the “inferior” races and “weaker” sex as they wished. -bpai99


I see an America where Liberals and Republicans Hack each other to bits with machetes a-la Rwanda. And I am cheering.—NP NP


Yes “demographics” are against the Republicans, but far worse, and what will cause the current Limbaugh Corporatist Republican Party to become the modern Whig Party, is their anti-science “delusions”, phony Christian “values”, their belief in endless war & EMPIRE, their belief in gut decisions over rational, intelligent decision making, their “complete” ownership by the CORPORATIONS, their deep rooted ancestry & connection to the old Confederacy of the Civil War South, their blind suicidal jihad that worships GREED & the Supremacy of the Wealthy, where every problem can be solved by their holy mantra of tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts… especially when those tax cuts go almost exclusively to their CORPORATE OWNERS & their fellow brethren, the VERY RICH! When Rush Limbaugh THE symbol of GREED & Piggish Excess is your leading spokesman, then only the “true believers” & “cult fanatics” remain to drink the deadly Kool-Aid leading to the Republicans ultimate & well deserved EXTINCTION! Demographics is “the least” of the Republicans problems. May the Republican Party & their OUTMODED & DESTRUCTIVE IDEAS—rest in peace & forever be banished from the EARTH—good riddance!—exoevolution


F*ck The GOP I’m a 39 year old white male independent voter and I absolutely DESPISE the GOP and everything it stands for. I hate Republicans like cancer and can’t wait to see their sick, insane party die the death that it deserves. Not that I think the Dems are all that great—they sure do manage to f*ck up alot—but Republicans are downright EVIL. Their failed ideology and cruel, inhumane policies have been dragging us down for years. F*ck ANYBODY who wants to drown our government in a bathtub—I happen to LOVE my country and its government, so F*CK YOU, GOP! I can’t wait to see these Republican deadender dumbf*cks dwindle into irrelevance. Maybe if they had been a little nicer and a little more decent as human beings when they were in power, the rest of us wouldn’t hate them now. Please die off soon, motherf*ckers—nobody wants to hear your shit anymore!—Giant Bastard


I wish I wasn’t an atheist so I could pray to God everyday that “conservatives” become politically extinct or self-secluded into little harmless enclaves like the Amish and Mennonites and let the rest of us get on with attempting to create a new modern world that works for everyone.—rrheard


I Have A Solution In A Bottle For Republicans It’s called rat poison. Drink up, you motherf*cking Republican rats. The sooner you dumbf*cks all die off, the sooner we can fix your goddamn messes. A**holes!—Giant Bastard


We learned what black voters already knew: that when Republicans choose to demagogue race, white voters react like a lynch mob. It’s not pretty, and we don’t need to encourage it. I’m even disappointed that only 60% of Latinos or so vote Democratic. I’d like to see a 90% supermajority like in the black community. The point is, this party has done a lot of damage to racial and group relationships and it needs to pay or keep paying for it. Obama represents the future, McCain the past.—G.A. Reyes


To Quote Wyatt Earp in TOMBSTONE, You Righttard Traitors (and that is ALL of you!): “You called down the thunder? Well, Now You Got It!” You couldn’t play wedge-issue, hate-filled, divisive politics forever and expect to keep winning—not when hate-filled White Americans are increasing a dying-out minority voting bloc, you can’t. So me—as a NON-Righttard White Male? I just look at what’s happening to you all with a DEEP sense of the Balance of the Universe correcting itself…all over your fat, treasonous, bloated, hate-filled, puffed-up worthless bodies…. Selah.—drdarkeny


Dopey Republicans Are all Republicans this stupid? That article is ridiculous. Just another whiney WASP male bellyaching that he can’t have slaves anymore. If there’s anything wrong with the USA today, it is ENTIRELY the fault of the white male. This is what you wanted—a president like Dough Boy Bush and his disgusting sidekick Cheney. It’s bad enough to have to constantly see dirtbag Liz Cheney (a nobody if I’ve ever seen one) vomitting her balogna all over the airwaves. Why don’t you creepy Republicans crawl into the hole that you alone dug for yourselves? I’d be more than happy to cover the hole and be done with you altogether. GO SARA 2012! Another dingdong Republican product that we can laugh at. Take Boehner with you—his pasty white deer-in-the-headlights look is getting old.—ItWasAFumble


Thanks, Sherlock Given the title alone, I’m going to go ahead and file this one under “Duh”. Oh, and the fact that Republicans are spiritual patsies, willfully ignorant, homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted racists might want to be a consideration whilst they are pondering their navels.—Letterer98

[End of Jeff W.’s comment and quotations of Salon readers.]

July 26

LA writes:

I want to repeat this Salon comment, since it came at the end of Jeff’s list of comments and readers may have missed it:

To Quote Wyatt Earp in TOMBSTONE, You Righttard Traitors (and that is ALL of you!): “You called down the thunder? Well, Now You Got It!” You couldn’t play wedge-issue, hate-filled, divisive politics forever and expect to keep winning—not when hate-filled White Americans are increasing a dying-out minority voting bloc, you can’t. So me—as a NON-Righttard White Male? I just look at what’s happening to you all with a DEEP sense of the Balance of the Universe correcting itself…all over your fat, treasonous, bloated, hate-filled, puffed-up worthless bodies…. Selah.—drdarkeny

I haven’t yet said anything yet about these comments because I didn’t know what to say. I’m knocked over by the extremism of them. Clearly one cannot say that insane murderous hatred of whites/Republicans is limited to an individual liberal crackpot here and there. The number of these comments and their consistency suggest that a significant body of people feel this way and that such feelings are seen as acceptable on the left, as shown by the fact that Salon considers these expressions of genocidal hatred appropriate for publication. VFR readers should keep a couple of these comments handy for quick reference for responding to the charge by liberals that we on the right are haters. Read a couple of these comments to your liberal acquaintances and ask them, “When have you ever seen such sadistic hatred expressed at conservative sites? In fact the charge of hatred is a Big Lie, because your side is actually doing what it falsely accuses conservatives of doing—spreading and approving murderous, vile hatred.”

LA to Jeff W. (July 25, posted July 26):
Someone has posted at Free Republic the Salon comments you sent to VFR.

Jeff W. replies:

I saw it there. It had about 55 comments and almost 1000 views before it got pulled.

LA replies:

The blog manager is famous for removing “white racist” discussions. Why would he remove quotations of liberals attacking whites? Maybe it was that the comments by the Freepers were too raw.

Jeff W. replies:

It’s clear to me that he removed it because if the responses. A lot of Freepers said that they were armed and ready. One guy something like, “Looks like it will be killin’ time soon. That’s good. I haven’t killed anybody since 1968.”

I was banned for life from Free Republic (had may account deactivated) in 2006 when I said that GW Bush should be impeached for failing to enforce immigration law, which was a very important part of his job. I have not tried to set up a new account since then.

Jim Robinson runs Free Republic as a business. I believe it’s his only source of income. Comments that might risk expensive lawsuits have to be deleted. He is thus a mercenary first and a patriot second. I feel that arguing with him would be a waste of time.

Too bad I didn’t get a copy of the thread, though.

LA replies:

Well, he can’t allow comments like that.

Saying Bush deserved impeachment over not enforcing immigration laws was an arguable statement and you should not have be banned for that. But these people posting at FR about killing people, that’s completely out of line.

James N. writes:

The comments Jeff W. compiled are most interesting.

First, of course, as you already point out, most of these expressions of hatred for white males are written by white males. This is as if a bunch of Tutsis got together to egg on the Hutus in Rwanda—crazy!

Second, the level and nature of the vituperation is extraordinary. Now, I normally keep away from people like this, so I may be really naive, but this is real bloodthirsty stuff!

Third, we forget how fast the worm can turn. At the time of the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, the few Serbs who defended their own national identity were ridiculed by the young as throwbacks to the past, doomed to extinction. Eight short years later, those young mockers were formed into battalions and were busily machine-gunning Bosniaks into pits to purify the Serb nation.

The Left is playing with fire. The SWPL [“stuff white people like”] set will be the first to go in the war they are promoting.

James N. writes):

I read the same “Too Old, Too White” piece somewhere else. It’s puzzled me for some time why white feminists and SWPL males have adopted “white male” as a term of abuse. After all, miscegenation is still quite rare, most white progressives still seek (prefer) white mates and produce white children.

I’ve tried understanding it as radical chic, or as progressive “coalition building” with people of color (sorry, persons of color), but neither really works for me. Perhaps some of the sages here could comment on the phenomenon.

Joe Catechissmio writes:

Like you, I would like to see some sort of solidarity develop among whites—not as a means to exploit others, as in the past, but simply to demand equal protection under the law. I had hoped the Sotomayor hearings, which put on trail the injustices perpetuated against the 19 white firefighters in the Ricci case, would help. But I realized far too few whites serve as policemen or firemen, and the vast majority of whites would not feel affected.

There are two developments, though, coming down the road which may “bring relief.” First and foremeost, is nationalized healthcare, particularly when the prime beneficiaries are irresponsible black and Hispanics, with many of the latter here illegally. Second, is the open war on whites, as demonstrated during Gatesgate by Mr. Gates himself, and aptly and expectedly assisted by the black Cambridge mayor, the black MA governor, and the Kenyan president. As you have said, blacks as a group are simply not capable of behaving in a responsible and accountable manner necessary for the maintenance of civil government. The more imprudent and improvident black officials overreach and criticize whites—even Democratic whites—then I believe the ingredients are there for a long needed and desired white public backlash of “enough.”

Tim W. writes:

Our nation is being taken over by people who could never have created it, and who won’t be able to sustain it.

Ingemar P. writes:

As a nonwhite regular reader of yours, and as a member of the younger generation, I’ve seen growing up that the White Christian male has been designated the strawman of American culture. White youths, indoctrinated in liberal rubbish education, see their history as that of whites oppressing nonwhites and white culture as lame at best, malicious at worst.

This results in whites pretending to be other ethnicities and sneering at their own history. It also doesn’t help that white people who like their own kind are smeared by the media (and nonwhites in general) as hateful bigots.

You’ve mentioned in the past that in today’s society the only legitimate defense of (white) Western culture can only come from non Western people who live in Western society. I agree with you that in the long run that will never help because whites as a whole hate themselves.

I predict that, given the culture right now, not only will whites be a minority, but a hated minority that has to fight tooth and nail for its right to exist in enclaves far removed from major metropolitan areas. Worst case scenario, the whites of 50 years from now will be like the Serbs of today.

P.S. Here is an example of the White Christian (protestant) Male as a strawman. From a white male, no less.

Aaron S. writes:

On this Gates business, I have to say that the whole ordeal (I’m thinking of the push back) makes me hopeful for the first time in several years.

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