The truth revealed by feminism

I have often said that nothing good has come out of feminism—nothing. Laura Wood, who agrees with the general point, has found an exception, sort of:

If any good has come from feminism it is a dawning appreciation of female sexual desire and its potential to destroy. The monogamous instincts of women have been vastly exaggerated in the popular imagination, even by Darwinian realists who pride themselves on their clear-eyed appraisals of human nature. Sexual liberation has revealed the full extent of feminine waywardness and disloyalty.

At least two-thirds of divorces in this country are initiated by women. Women are more eager than men to get married; once married they are more eager to get out of marriage. In many of these divorces, women act as if their husbands have disappointed or offended them when the truth is these women desire another man or the possibility of new romance. Economic power for women and divorce laws that guarantee maternal custody or joint custody have unmasked the truth about female sex drives: Women are not innately faithful nor do all women naturally put the interests of their children above their own.

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Jane S. writes:

Exactly. There’s a reason why the serpent had Eve pegged as the one more likely to willingly disobey God and bring sin into the world. It isn’t just that he bumped into her first.

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