Neocons contra Sarah?

Notwithstanding the American Thinker’s ridiculous charge two years ago that a cabal of un-American northeastern conservative intellectuals were out to get Sarah Palin, the reality is that the neocons have generally been very supportive of her.

Until now, that is. Matt Labash’s irreverent send-up of Sarah Palin’s Alaska in The Weekly Standard suggests that the neocons may have just about had it with Our Lady.

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Kathlene M. writes:

When will Sean Hannity get the memo? He is completely infatuated with Sarah Palin. On his radio show recently he defended her by saying that if Palin were President, “world leaders would fear the U.S. again.” I started laughing at that point.

Daniel F. writes:

I would point out that Matt Labash, although a writer for the Weekly Standard, is not a neocon. He was probably the only person at the magazine who opposed the Iraq War. His articles are never particularly political; they are really just human interest pieces, with a style that is humorous or sentimental, depending on the subject. Given the interminable length of Labash’s stuff (I have never gotten through one), I suspect that the editors use it as filler. I still subscribe to the Standard, but it has become a noticeably lightweight magazine.

A reader writes:

The ice is broken. They’re not going for Sarah anymore. The author, Matt Labash, says everything I’d like to see said, such as that her enemies make one want to defend her, but clearly he is pretty much finished with her as a serious candidate.

posted November 26

Markus writes:

Thanks for the link. I love the twitter send-ups.

I have to say, Matt Labash is probably my favorite humorist writing today. His profile on Marion Barry had me weeping with laughter—something I desperately need these days. He redeems that magazine.

Where have all the conservative or even “conservative” humorists gone, anyway? Labash is the only one who’s consistently funny—and interesting. P.J. O’Rourke never really did it for me, and he’s getting more boring all the time. Andrew Ferguson can be funny sometimes. Same with Steyn. Florence King was probably the best of them all at one point, but whatever happened to her?

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